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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Practice Guidelines


Practice guidelines are evidence-based consensus statements intended to limit disparities in practice. This page contains links to guideline databases and Web sites, selected chiropractic guidelines with a special section on whiplash, and selected open access articles.

Databases and Web sites

Selected chiropractic guidelines and guideline developers


Note: Links to full text are not available for the 1998 and 2001 items listed below.  Run a search in ICL.

Spitzer WO, Skovron ML, Salmi LR, Cassidy JD, Duranceau J, Suissa S, Zeiss E. Scientific monograph of the Quebec Task Force on Whiplash-Associated Disorders: Redefining “whiplash” and its management. Spine; 1995 Apr 15;20(8 Suppl):1S-73S. Review. Erratum in: Spine 1995 Nov 1;20(21):2372.  PubMed Record
Freeman MD, Croft AC, Rossignol AM. “Whiplash associated disorders: redefining whiplash and its management” by the Quebec Task Force. A critical evaluation. Spine; 1998 May 1;23(9):1043-9. PubMed Record
Hartling L, Brison RJ, Ardern C, Pickett W. Prognostic value of the Quebec Classification of Whiplash-Associated Disorders. Spine; 2001 Jan 1;26(1):36-41. PubMed Record
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Clinical guidelines for the physiotherapy management of Whiplash Associated Disorder. London: 2005.

Whiplashkommissionen. The Whiplash Commission Final Report. Stockholm: 2005.
Motor Accidents Authority (MAA). Guidelines for the Management of Acute Whiplash-Associated Disorders for Health Professionals. 2nd Edition. Sydney, Australia, 2007.
For full text see New South Wales Government. Whiplash.
Carroll LJ, Holm LW, Hogg-Johnson S, Côtè P, Cassidy JD, Haldeman S, Nordin M, Hurwitz EL, Carragee EJ, van der Velde G, Peloso PM, Guzman J. Course and prognostic factors for neck pain in whiplash-associated disorders (WAD): Results of the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009 Feb;32(2 Suppl):S97-S107. PubMed Record

Holm LW, Carroll LJ, Cassidy JD, Hogg-Johnson S, Côté P, Guzman J, Peloso P, Nordin M, Hurwitz E, van der Velde G, Carragee E, Haldeman S. The burden and determinants of neck pain in whiplash-associated disorders after traffic collisions: Results of the Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 Task Force on Neck Pain and Its Associated Disorders. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2009 Feb;32(2 Suppl):S61-9.  PubMed Record

International Chiropractors Association of California. Management of Whiplash Associated Disorders. Sacramento CA: International Chiropractors Association of California; 2009.

Shaw L, Descarreaux M, Bryans R, Duranleau M, Marcoux H, Potter B, Ruegg R, Watkin R, White E. A systematic review of chiropractic management of adults with Whiplash-Associated Disorders: Recommendations for advancing evidence-based practice and research. Work 2010;35(3):369-94.

CCA/CFCRB-CPG.  Practice guide for the management of whiplash-associated disorders in adults. 2010 June.
Expert commentary on Management of Whiplash Associated Disorders, by A.J. Lisi.  Does More Add Up to Less? A Review of a Guideline on Whiplash Associated Disorders. September 13, 2010

Selected reading (Open Access)

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