Index to Chiropractic Literature
Index to Chiropractic Literature
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Thursday, January 18, 2018
Index to Chiropractic LiteratureIndex to Chiropractic LiteratureIndex to Chiropractic LiteratureIndex to Chiropractic Literature

ICL Contributors

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ICL is the principle project of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration. The database and Web site are produced on a voluntary basis by health sciences librarians associated with the member chiropractic colleges of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. This page last updated December 20, 2017.

ICL Editor

Phyllis Harvey, retired Collection Management/Electronic Services Librarian (Palmer College);  E-mail: iclchiroeditor[at]

Co-Editor & Web Editor

Anne Taylor-Vaisey, UOIT-CMCC Centre for the Study of Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation E-mail: atvaisey[at]

Assistant Editors

Katie Lockwood, University of Western States  E-mail: klockwood[at]
Monica Howell, Northwestern Health Sciences University E-mail: mhowell[at]

Index Committee

This committee sets goals and policy. Members: Annette Osenga (Chair), Life West Library, Life Chiropractic College West;  Margaret Butkovic, CMCC Health Sciences Library, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College; Janet Tapper, W.A. Budden Library, University of Western States; the ICL editors (see above); and the members of the Subject Headings Committee (see below).

Subject Headings Committee

This committee updates Chiropractic Subject Headings (ChiroSH), the thesaurus used for the index, and incorporates terms from the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s MeSH Database. Chair: TBA; Katie Lockwood, W.A. Budden Library,  University of Western States; Chris Sheldon, NYCC LibraryNew York Chiropractic College

Chiropractic Library Collaboration Officers, 2016-2017

Chair: Janet Tapper, University of Western States; Tel: 503-251-5757; E-mail: jtapper[at]
Vice-Chair: Annette Osenga, Life Chiropractic College West; Tel:  510-780-4599 ext. 2900; E-mail: aosenga[at]
Secretary: Ellen Dickman, Logan University; Tel: 636-230-1787; E-mail: Ellen.Dickman[at]
Treasurer: Anne Makereth, Northwestern Health Sciences University; Tel: 952-885-5417; E-mail: amackereth[at]

ICL Indexers, 2016-2017

Helen Bennett (New Zealand; Helen.Bennett[at]
Simone Briand (Cleveland; simone.briand[at]
Phyllis Harvey (iclchiroeditor[at]
Tish Heath (AECC; PHeath[at]
Russ Iwami (National; riwami[at]
Ari Kleinman (Life-West; akleinman[at]
Katie Lockwood (University of Western States; klockwood[at]
Annette Osenga (Life-West; aosenga[at]
Pam Shadrix (Life; pshadrix[at]
Anne Taylor-Vaisey (CMCC/UOIT; atvaisey[at]
Susan Vossberg (Northwestern; svossberg[at] )
Sheryl Walters (Logan; sheryl.walters[at]
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