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Friday, September 30, 2022
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ID 25192
  Title Poster presentation abstracts [presented at the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) 2018,Dallas,TX, March 8-10]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2018 Mar;32(1):67-81
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

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The chiropractic care of a patient presenting with rib pain syndrome [by] Joel Alcantara, Junjoe Alcantara
Spinal manipulation and other complementary and alternative therapies for neck pain in the US [by] Peter Amua-Quarshie, Patricia Cates, Afsar Sokhansanj, Farshid Marzban, Richard Salazar, Harrison Ndetan
Preparation for US chiropractic medicine licensure by doctor of chiropractic educational programs [by] Christopher Arick, Sheyda Isazadeh
Post-traumatic scapholunate advanced collapse of the wrist: a case review [by] Daniel Ault, David Mann, Alyssa Troutner, Norman Kettner
Sonography of Achilles tendon pathology: a case series [by] Patrick Battaglia, Ross Mattox, Daniel Ault, Norman Kettner
The ambiguity of sciatica as a clinical diagnosis and the value of integrating chiropractic care into a federally qualified health center [by] Patrick Battaglia, Barry Wiese
Vertebral displacement and muscle activity during manual therapy: distinct behaviors between spinal manipulation and mobilization [by] Eric Biner, Martin Descarreaux, Isabelle Page
A survey of sacro-occipital technique (SOT) practitioners: Pediatric patients and their presenting symptoms [by] Charles Blum, Christine Benner
The polyvagal theory: A rational for psychological and chiropractic interdisciplinary care [by] Charles Blum
A preliminary survey of chiropractic college use of table sanitizers in their clinic: Are there green alternatives? [by] Charles Blum
Study on inducing fifth lumbar vertebra malposition by M. B. DeJarnette: Historical development of sacro-occipital technique [by] Charles Blum
Sacroiliac joint hypermobility syndrome and a chiropractic: A preliminary survey [by] Charles Blum
Intervention in gall bladder dysfunction through chiropractic adjustment and nutritional therapy: a case report [by] William Boro, Mary Psaromatis
Intervention in tachycardia through chiropractic adjustment, sacro-occipital technique's chiropractic manipulative reflex technique: a case report [by] William Boro
Evidence-based clinical practice curriculum development: An innovative and integrated approach [by] Theresa Brennan, Ali Rabatsky, William Sherrier
Patient-centered outcomes utilized in clinical pediatric manual therapy research studies [by] Beth Carleo, Carol Prevost, Brian Gleberzon, Kris Anderson, Katherine Pohlman
Chiropractic management of Fluoroquinolone allergic reaction [by] Tara Cheuvront, Adam Sergent
Incidentally-found benign bone tumor leading to diagnosis of avascular necrosis in a patient with Crohn's disease: A case report [by] Munyeong Choi
Effects of high and low-power poses on maximal force production during a prone Carver thoracic adjustment performed on a mannequin atop force sensing table technology [by] Lydia Colacino, Richelle Martins, Jesse McAleese, Joseph Greenwood, David Starmer, Simon Wang
The Effect of Chiropractic Care and Retained Primary Reflex Therapy on a Patient with Erb's Palsy [by] Karima Cooper
Chiropractic management for female veterans with low back pain: A retrospective study of clinical outcomes [by] Kelsey Corcoran, Andrew Dunn, Lance Formolo, Gregory Beehler
Chiropractic management in a 54-year-old female with post-operative spinal adhesive arachnoiditis [by] Stacey Cornelson, Edward Johnnie, Norman Kettner
Large intramuscular hemangioma of the forearm: a case report [by] Stacey Cornelson, Jude Miller, Gary Gueber
A case report of osteomyelitis secondary to Kingella kingae in a 17-month old [by] Sophia Da Silva-Oolup, Julie O'Shaughnessy
Identifying the frequency of perinatal sacroiliac hypermobility indicators in a chiropractic clinic [by] John Edwards, Jeanne Ohm, Charles Blum
Utility of ImageJ for measuring umbilicus-trochanter angle in a sample of pregnant women [by] John Edwards, Allison Union, Joel Alcantara
Performance of eyes-closed unipedal stance static balance test by pregnant women under chiropractic care [by] John Edwards, Allison Union, Joel Alcantara, Kassandra Varner
Survey attributes of chiropractic patients over 50 years of age [by] Kimary Farrar, John Ward
Management of an 11-year-old male with calcaneonavicular partial coalition in a chiropractic teaching clinic [by] Melissa Ferranti, Lindsay Fierman
Unilateral Internal Jugular Vein Discovered External to Carotid Sheath and Superficial to Omohyoid Muscle [by] Craig Fuller, Peter Amua-Quarshie, Bahram Sardarabadi, Susan Miller
Basic Science Education in Chiropractic Colleges [by] Craig Fuller, Georgina Pearson, Afsar Sokhansanj, Michael Perryman, Paula Robinson
Cervical postural syndrome: a case for classification [by] Courtney Goodchild, Nathan Hinkeldey
SOT cranial therapy with an occlusal splint for the treatment of low back, leg and neuropathic pain: A chiropractic dental co-treatment case report [by] Rachel Hamel
C2 spondylolysis: a case for collaborative care [by] Nathan Hinkeldey, Russell Reichter, James Leonard, Michelle Snow
Emergency department referral: a case for chiropractic integration [by] Nathan Hinkeldey, Britta Conlon
Perceived canine adjusting confidence of multidisciplinary professionals after experience in a simulation lab [by] Dana Hollandsworth, Gene Giggelman, Lori Baggett, Eric Russell
Effects of aromatherapy on test anxiety in students: A literature review [by] Karmen Hopkins, Breanne Wells
Research topics of interest to practicing chiropractors: a pilot study [by] Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan, Edward Owens, Angela Seckington
Traumatic lower cervical spondylolisthesis presenting comorbid with chronic rheumatoid arthritis in VA chiropractic clinic: a case report [by] Steven Huybrecht, Kyle Reynolds, Pamela Wakefield
Trends in the utilization of force sensing technology outside of the curriculum in open practice hours [by] Rebecca Kang, Tim Lau, Jae Hyun Cho, Omolola Ayoola-amale, Hera Khayyam, David Starmer
What the supercentenarians can teach us about aging well: a literature review with clinical pearls [by] Lisa Killinger
Developing and testing rubric inter-rater reliability for assessing meta-competency 1 & 2 performance [by] Kathy Kinney, Rhina Patania, Linda Savage, Krista Ward
Health behaviors and beliefs of patients seeking acupuncture and chiropractic care [by] Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Kevin Rose
Full thickness biceps tendon tear in a 46-year-old male emphasizing the value of musculoskeletal ultrasound [by] Ashley Lewandowski, Stacey Cornelson, Norman Kettner
Effect of chiropractic care on opioid dependence among patients with back and neck pain [by] Melissa Lo, Wade Bannister, Laura Ten Eyck
Making National Library of Medicine Classification local: An expansion for chiropractic specific library collections [by] Katie Lockwood
Developing a formal tutoring program at a chiropractic institution [by] Ashley Long 
Chiropractic role in management of an infant with VACTERL Association: A case report [by] David Mann
Resolution of EMG confirmed lumbosacral radiculopathy with chiropractic care [by] Barbara Mansholt
Re-evaluation of intra- and inter-examiner reliability of leg length analysis procedure in prone position among experienced practitioners [by] Farshid Marzban, Marty Hall, Steven Kleinfeld, Charlotte Watts, Ronald Wells, Afasr Sokhansank, Harrison Ndetan
A case report highlighting pitfalls of clinical examination and imaging in the diagnosis of intramuscular myxoma [by] Ross Mattox, Patirck Battaglia, Norman Kettner
Resolution of medial femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment using manual therapy and end range loading: a case report [by] Trevor McArthur, Nathan Hinkeldey, H. Michael Olson, Laurie Hinrichs
Dizziness in a patient with airway compromise and TMD: A case report [by] Jeffrey Mersky, Charles Blum
Exploring chiropractic services in the Canadian Forces Health Services—opportunities and challenges [by] Silvano Mior, Ellen Vogel, Simon French, Margareta Nordin, Patrick Loisel, Audrey Laporte, Debbie Sutton
Learning spinal manipulation: gender and experience differences in biomechanical parameters, precision and variability [by] Megane Pasquier, Florian Barbier Cazorla, Yannick Audo, Martin Descarreaux, Arnaud Lardon
How well does chiropractic education prepare for practice – a comparison of perceived preparedness of European chiropractic graduates: a cross-sectional study [by] Pablo Perez de la Ossa, Ellen Pulkkinen
Use of a class 4 laser in recalcitrant elbow tendinopathy: a case study and brief review of the literature [by] Mark Pfefer, Brian Asbury, Rachel Gilmore,Jackson Berg, Dani Steffen, Nathan Hoover
Implementation of a multisource feedback system in a college of chiropractic [by] Daniel Ranz, Rodney Pendarvis, Pablo Perez de la Ossa, Pablo, Elina Pulkkinen, Adrian Wenban
The double notch sign: Osteochondral fracture strongly indicating severe internal joint derangment: A case report [by] Matthew Richardson, Lauren Sullivan
Concussion risk reduction among high school football players wearing protective external helmet technology: an observational study [by] Robert Rowell, Steve Novicky
Analysis of kinematic variability in pianists: a pilot study [by] Anne-Marie Schmidt, Brent Russell, Ronald Hosek
Sensory integration therapy utilizing the SAVE Program: A case report of a post-concussive adult [by] Angela Seckington, Stephanie Sullivan, Emily Drake
Exploring the relationship of GPA and performance on a digital test of radiology interpretation skills (DIM) in chiropractic colleges.[by] Margaret Seron, Paul Townsend, John Hyland, Igor Himelfarb, Michele Fisher
The benefits of acupuncture to the management of capsulitis (TMD): a case study [by] Peter Shipka, Brian Gushaty, Kostadinos Kakarelis, Peter Semeniuk
Utilization of acupuncture for the management of neuropathy related to Frieberg's Disease: a case study [by] Peter Shipka, Brian Gushaty, Aaron Teitelbaum, Peter Semeniuk
Vaginal birth after Caesarean (VBAC) with twin pregnancies under chiropractic care with Network Spinal Analysis [by] Melody Spear, Joel Alcantara
Evidence-based practice attitudes and utilization survey (EBASE) of chiropractic students [by] Sarah Stephens, Joel Alcantara
Survey of chiropractic clinicians on self-reported knowledge and recognition of mild traumatic brain injuries [by] David Taylor, Shari Wynd
Development of student scholarship skills [by] Gene Tobias, Paul Wanless, David Sikorski, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil
An institutional case study of best practices for student evaluations [by] Michael Tunning, Dustin Derby
Chiropractic management of chronic neck pain in a cancer patient in remission: a case study [by] Robert Walsh, Jessica Young, Greg Snow
Symptomatology compression rates of chiropractic patients over 4 weeks with acute low back pain [by] John Ward, Ken Tyer
Aromatherapy for test anxiety in chiropractic students: a controlled feasibility trial [by] Breanne Wells, Lia Nightingale, Dustin Derby, Stacie Salsbury, Dana Lawrence
Interdisciplinary collaboration to establish a self-management course at a VA facility, for patients with chronic pain [by] Susan Wenberg, Sheila Sedig



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