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Saturday, September 23, 2023
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ID 25191
  Title Platform presentation abstracts [presented at the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) 2018, Dallas, Texas March 8-10]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2018 Mar;32(1):51-81
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

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Paraspinal muscle function and pain sensitivity following exercise-induced delayed-onset muscle soreness [by] Jacques Abboud, Catherine Pauze-Brodeur, Arianne Lessard, Martin Descaurreaux
Clinical accuracy of orthopedic tests used in a chiropractic college health center [by] Steve Agocs, Mark Pfefer, Dani Steffen, Nathan Hoover, Rachel Gilmor, Jackson Berg
Practice and patient characteristics of wellness chiropractic practice: results from a PBRN [by]Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara
The interpersonal process of care experience of parents with children attending chiropractic care [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara
The construct validity of the PROMIS Global Health compared to the PROMIS-29 [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara
Construct validity of the PROMIS-29 compared to the RAND SF-36 [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara 
Examining medical claims data on the utilization of chiropractic services vs primary care for treatment of neck pain to determine risk of treatment escalation- Results from a pilot study [by] Brian Anderson, Steve McLellan
An overview of the medical specialties most relevant to chiropractic practice [by] Lauren Austin-McLellan, Anthony Lisi
Antimicrobial properties of and clinical indications for monolaurin: a review of the literature [by] Lisa Barker, Barclay Bakkum, Cynthia Chapman
Got Stress? A descriptive study of chiropractic students' stress and confidence levels in years 1, 2 and 3 [by]Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist, Josh Bernstein, Dustin Derby, Katherine Manley-Buser
Biological and clinical outcomes of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy in the treatment of patients with acute inflammatory radiculopathy secondary to lumbar disc herniation: A pilot study [by]
Paul Bishop, Jeffrey Quon, John Street, Brian Arthur, Melissa Nadeau, Tamir Allon, Nicolas Dea, Charles Fisher, Marcel Dvorak, Scott Paquette, Brian Kwon, Gabriella Petrolinni
Chiropractic care for TMJ and extreme tongue fatigue: A case report [by]Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum.
Chiropractic care of a rock climber's shoulder with forward head posture: A case report [by] Charles Blum
Sagittal spinal kinematic evaluation comparing internal frame and frameless backpacks during walking [by] Lori Beth Bryson, Jonathan Bryson, Brent Russell, Ronald Hosek
Transitioning clinic systems for effective tobacco use identification and treatment referral [by] Kelly Buettner-Schmidt, Donald Miller, Brody Maack, Mary Larson, Megan Orr, Becky McDaniel, Katelyn Mills
Comparing a traditional lecture course to an inverted classroom format for clinical microbiology: student performance and perception [by] Kara Burnham, James Mascenik
Spinal manipulative therapy for the management of low back pain: A guideline from the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative [by] Andre Bussieres, Gregory Stewart, Fadi Al Zoubi, Philip Decina, Martin Descarreaux, Danielle Haskett, Cesar Hincapie, Isabelle Page, Steven Passmore, John Srbely, Maja Stupar, Joel Weisberg, Joseph Ornelas
The effects of chiropractic care on oculomotor control in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: A pilot study [by]Alice Cade, Kelly Jones, Kelly Holt, Abdul Moiz Penkar, Heidi Haavik
Perceptions of Ontario Chiropractors on Business Education in Chiropractic Schools [by] Michael Ciolfi, Ayla Azad, Mohammed Al-Azdee
Leading factors contributing to dietary choices in chiropractic students [by] Katrine Colton, Lia Nightingale
Change in female veterans' neck pain following chiropractic care at a hospital for veterans [by] Kelsey Corcoran, Andrew Dunn, Bart Green, Lance Formolo, Gregory Beehler
The role of trust on the success of interorganizational collaborations in health care education.[by] Renee DeVries
The quality of life of pregnant patients under chiropractic care: a retrospective file review [by] John Edwards, Joel Alcantara, Allison Union
The medium-term effect of spinal manipulative therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized controlled trial [by] Roger Engel, Peter Gonski, Subramanyan Vemulpad, Petra Graham
The medium-term effect of spinal manipulative therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a randomized controlled trial [by]Roger Engel, Peter Gonski, Subramanyan Vemulpad, Petra Graham
A survey of chiropractic students' extracurricular professional development activities and plans [by] Matthew Funk
Comparison of chiropractic lexicon at two chiropractic institutions: a cross-sectional study [by] Brian Gleberzon, Katherine Pohlman, Eric Russell
Description and outcomes of a novel chiropractic secondary and tertiary prevention program for chronic/recurrent spine pain [by] Jordan Gliedt, Nathan Campbell, Aram Mardian, Clinton Daniels
A scoping review of risk factors and determinants of osteoporosis and vertebral osteopenia [by] Bart Green, Claire Johnson, Scott Haldeman, Erin Griffith, Michael Clay
Does faculty demonstration of clinical skills impact student performance on a clinical examination in a chiropractic program? [by]Joseph Guagliardo
Chiropractic care alters TMS induced I-wave excitability and cortical silent period duration [by] Heid Haavik, Imran Khan Niazi, Jens Duehr, Muhammed Samran Navid, Fady Alnajjar, Kemal Turker
SOT cranial therapy for the treatment of abnormal sensations of the tongue, tinnitus, TMD and neck pain [by] Rachel Hamel
Manual therapy use and fetal malposition: a systematic review [by] Julie Hartman, Alberto Doria, Natalie Doria, Lindsay Doria, Katherine Pohlman
Training chiropractic students in weight management using standardized patients [by] Cheryl Hawk, Michael Ramcharan, Carla Kruger
Students' perceptions of paper testing vs. computer testing and real test results between two methods [by]Shawn He
MRI Utilization Pathway: an opportunity for spine care practitioners [by] Nathan Hinkeldey, Michael Kramer, Kevin Percuoco
Longitudinal tracking of program goals for improved curriculum alignment [by] Dennis Homack
A feasibility study of teaching reproducible force-time profiles of the toggle-recoil and Blair upper cervical spinal manipulative procedures (adjustments) [by] Todd Hubbard, Emily Speer, Loni Olstad
Spinal manipulation alters conduction velocity and force within the Tibialis Anterior Muscle [by] Taha Al Muhammadee Janjua, Imran Khan Niazi, Kelly Holt, Syed Omer Gilani, Muhammad Nabeel Anwar, Ernrest Kamavuako, Heidi Haavik
Relationship evolution between chiropractic and the American Public Health Association: An analysis of 90 years of APHA literature [by] Claire Johnson, Bart Green
Development of a public health model and educational tool for chiropractic [by] Claire Johnson, Bart Green, Lori Byrd, Michael Clay, Kim Khauv, Dana Madigan, Mitchell Haas, John Hyland, Michael Haneline, Jason Napuli
A Delphi consensus process to identify public health priority issues for chiropractic [by] Claire Johnson, Bart Green, John Hyland, Mitchell Haas, Lori Byrd, Michael Haneline, Jason Napuli, Michael Clay, Kim Khauv, Dana Madigan
Academic experiences of students with visual impairment in a chiropractic program: A qualitative study [by] Aditi Joshi, Suzanne Ray
Obesity bias among pre-clinical and clinical chiropractic students and faculty at an integrative health care institution: a cross-sectional study [by] Gena Kadar, H. Garrett Thompson
Brain correlates of cLBP treatment with manipulation versus mobilization [by] Norman Kettner, Dan-Mikael Ellingsen, Ekaterina Protsenko, Ishtiaq Mawia, Matthew Kowalski, David Swensen, Deanna O'Dwyer-Swenson, Vitaly Napadow, Marco Loggia
Doctor-patient boundary crossing [by] Stu Kinsinger
Development of a clinical skills remediation program for chiropractic students at a university [by] Suzanne Lady, Leslie Takaki
Chiropractic care of a pediatric patient with twin to twin transfusion syndrome [by] Jenny Lane, Allison Union, John Edwards
Effect of an 8-week physical exercise program on spinal manipulation biomechanical parameters in a group of first year chiropractic students [by] Arnaud Lardon, Megane Pasquier, Delgis Garcia, Yannick Audo, Florian Barbier-Cazorla, Martin Descarreaux
The management of back pain with concurrent mental health disorders: A case review [by] James Leonard, Nathan Hinkeldey, Trevor McArthur, Jeffrey Kinderdietz
Receipt of an opioid prescription among Veterans of recent wars using chiropractic care [by] Anthony Lisi, Lori Bastian, Kelsey Corcoran, Eric DeRycke, Christine Goertz, Cynthia Brandt
The effects of whole body rotation on brain function as measured by quantitative electroencephalography [by] Michael Longyear, Mitchell Ferguson, Dan Tuttle, Emily Drake, Stephanie Sullivan
Occupational health history taking of chiropractic interns [by] Dana Madigan, Erin Quinian-Ruof, Jerrilyn Cambron, Linda Forst, Joseph Zanoni, Lee Friedman
Impact of extremity manipulation on postural sway characteristics: a preliminary, randomized cross-over study [by] Christopher Malaya, Cody Powell, Joshua Haworth, Dean Smith, Katherine Pohlman
Development of a multidisciplinary environments elective course [by] Barbara Mansholt, Nathan Hinkeldey, H. Michael Olson, Michael Tunning
Feasibility and efficacy of a prehabilitation program on the postoperative recovery of patients following surgery for spinal stenosis: a randomized controlled pilot trial [by] Andree-Anne Marchand, Julie O'Shaughnessy, Claude-Edouard Chatillon, Vincent Cantin, Martin Descarreaux
Faculty and student attitudes towards key elements of excellence in teaching [by] J. Dale Marrant, Mark Pfefer, Rachel Gilmore
Treatment of degenerative disc disease with a novel molecular therapy: long-term evidence in a pre-clinical animal model of disc disease [by] Ajay Matta, Muhammed Zia Karim, Hoda Gerami, Xiaomei Wang, Mark Erwin
Classification of lumbar radiculopathy: a case for collaborative care [by] Trevor McArthur, Nathan Hinkeldey, Tamara Ransdell, Clay Ransdell, Courtney Goodchild
The measurable effects of an atlas adjustment on quantitative posturography [by] Jeremy Miller, Robert Rectenwald, Ronald Hosek
Incorporating balancing exercises into side-posture adjusting labs to increase competency [by] Susan Miller
Assessing perceived confidence in communication skills in second-year chiropractic students [by] Lia Nightingale
Resolution of iatrogenic vocal cord paralysis following shoulder arthroscopy utilizing chiropractic intervention to release a recurrent laryngeal nerve entrapment [by] Harold Olson, Dawn Carlson
Force sensing feedback decreased force variability after a coaching session during simulated, prone, thoracic adjustments on a manikin [by] Paul Osterbauer, Steven Lester, David Starmer
Mechanical properties of a lumbar spine mannequin with simulated intervertebral fixation [by] Edward Owens, Ronald Hosek, Brent Russell
Tactile perception of stiffness and volitional thrust intensity modulate spinal manipulation dose characteristics [by] Steven Passmore, Geoffrey Gelley, Brian MacNeil
Utilization of chiropractic care in U.S. children and adolescents: results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey [by] Trent Peng, Baujiang Chen, Kelley Pettee Gabriel
Reasons and referral sources for chiropractic utilization in U.S. children and adolescents: results from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey [by] Trent Peng, Baujiang Chen, Kelley Pettee Gabriel
Unresponsiveness to sacro occipital technique (SOT) procedures suggested possible pathological contribution to patient presentation: A case report [by] Kathi Perry
Effects of nutritional supplements on concussion and traumatic brain injury: an umbrella review [by] Mark Pfefer, Rachel Gilmore, Nathan Hoover, Jon Wilson, Jackson Berg
Informed consent: knowledge, opinion and application among the French chiropractic profession [by] Sylvain Pigeon, Arnaud Lardon
Assessment of student attitudes toward patient-centered care at a chiropractic college [by] Katherine Pohlman, Kent Stuber, Anser Abbas, Vanessa Morales, Silvano Mior
Chiropractic migraine patient and transient global amnesia: a case report [by] Paula Robinson, Lauren Tollefson
Patient and practitioner perceptions of osteokinematics and kinetics of supine cervical spine manipulation: a pilot study [by] Brent Russell, Shari Wynd, Ronald Hosek, Edward Owens, Katherine Hoiriis
Patient safety culture attitudes of faculty clinicians in chiropractic academic health clinics: a cross-sectional survey [by] Stacie Salsbury, Ronald Boesch, Shane Carter, Greg Snow, Lance Corber, Martha Funabashi, Katherine Pohlman
Cervical radiculopathy and upper extremity motor preparation: using movement to measure function [by] Shelley Sargent, Quinn Malone, Steven Passmore
Intervertebral kinematics in the cervical spine before, during and after cervical spine manipulation [by] Michael Schneider, Tom Gale, Kris Gongaware, William Anderst
Reliability study for assessment of cranio-cervical junction hypermobility [by] Michael Schneider, Karthik Hariharan, Michael Timko, Christopher Bise, Kris Gongaware
Sacroiliac joint myoligamentous interrelationships: Implications of sacral nutation dysfunction on whole body kinematics [by] Rick Serola, Charles Blum
High-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation training of prescribed forces and thrust duration: a pilot study [by] Zacariah Shannon, Robert Vining, Maruti Ram Gudavalli
Feasibility of auditory evoked potentials as an outcome measure before and after chiropractic care delivered in a university teaching clinic [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Les Gilbert
The effects of whole body rotation on brain function as measured by quantitative electroencephalography[by]Stephanie Sullivan, Emily Drake, Dan Tuttle, Ronald Hosek, Rachel Youkey
Systematic review of studies suggesting errors in identifying lumbar spinal levels exhibit a systematic cephalad bias [by] Felisha Truong, Robert Cooperstein
A clinical data registry within a chiropractic college teaching clinic: A 1-year demonstration project [by] Robert Vining, Elissa Twist, Ronald Boesch, Lance Corber, Cynthia Long, Christine Goertz
Chiropractic management of chronic neck pain, an alternative to radio-frequency ablation (RFA): a case study [by] Robert Walsh, Trevor Wendel, Greg Snow
Restructuring a chiropractic principles and practice course [by] Simon Wang, David Starmer, Karin Hammerich
Improving diagnostic meta-competencies [by] Krista Ward, Monica Smith, Monique Andrews, Khalid Chaney
Spinal kinematic assessment of a chiropractor performing side posture adjustments: pilot study using a motion capture system [by] Michael Weiner, Brent Russell, Linda Mullin, Edward Owens, Ronald Hosek
Chiropractic care for pregnancy and post-partum: a systematic review [by] Carol Ann Weiss, Katherine Pohlman, Sophia da Silva-Oolup, Crystal Draper, Kent Stuber, Kent Murnaghan, Cheryl Hawk
Older adults' perceptions of doctor-patient relationships in a trial of collaborative care for low back pain: A qualitative study [by] Breanne Wells, Stacie Salsbury, Dana Lawrence, Dustin Derby, Lia Nightingale, Christine Goertz
Forces used to assess perceived prone thoracic end feel [by] Jon Wilson, Steven Agocs, Mark Pfefer, Jackson Berg, Rebecca Wates
Effects of random questioning expectations on chiropractic students' preparedness for lecture and academic performance [by] Niu Zhang, Charles Henderson



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