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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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ID 24843
  Title Platform presentation abstracts [presented at the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) 2017, part of DC 2017, Washington DC, March 15-18]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2017 Mar;31(1):29-48
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

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Analysis of immediate student outcomes following a change in gross anatomy laboratory teaching methodology [by] Salman Afshapour, Abigail Gonsalves, Eric Partin
The quality of life of children under chiropractic care using the PROMIS-25 [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara
Boot camp programs for lumbar spinal stenosis: A randomized controlled clinical trial comparing outcomes following a comprehensive verses a self-directed non-surgical approach [by] Carlo Ammendolia, Pierre Cote, Y. Raja Rampersaud, Danielle Southerst, Brian Budgell, Claire Bombadier, Gilliam Hawker
Comparison of outcomes in non-specific low back pain (LBP) patients with and without modic changes that receive chiropractic treatment [by] Michele Annen, Cynthia Peterson, B. Kim Humphreys
Primum non nocere: Upholding patient preference and provider duty to non-maleficence through patient education, trial of care, and co-management in a case of cauda equine [by] Virginia Barber, Tracey Littrell, Michelle Barber
Multimodal imaging of longitudinal medial arch structures in non- and weight bearing posture [by] Patrick Battaglia, Ross Mattox, Brett Winchester, Norman Kettner
Do chiropractors undertake weight management interventions? [by] Peter Beliveau, Michael McIsaac, Silvano Mior, Simon French
Comparison of outcomes in patients with lumbar radiculopathy treated with nerve root blocks containing particulate vs. non-particulate corticosteroids [by] Susanne Bensler, Cynthia Peterson, Reto Sutter, Christina Pfirrmann
Risk factors for persistent pelvic girdle pain 12 years postpartum [by] Cecelia Bergstrom, Margareta Persson, Ingrid Mogren
Test anxiety in chiropractic college, a descriptive analysis of second and third year chiropractic student's test anxiety [by] Judy Bhatti, Katherine Manley-Busser, Elissa Twist
Chiropractic care of a 52-year-old female patient presenting with cervical spine disc replacement surgery with complications: a case report [by]  Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum
Lumbar spine manipulation improves locomotor activity and reduces hypersensitivity in a knee-joint immobilization model [by] Felipe C.K. Duarte, Carolina Kolberg, Anna Paula Riffel, Taina Scheid, Jessican Araujo Souza, Andrea Horst, Wania Aparecido Partata
The effect of online formative self-assessment on academic performance of chiropractic students: a pilot study [by] Munyeong Choi, Douglas Black
Clinical outcomes in neurogenic claudication using a multimodal program for lumbar spinal stenosis: A long-term follow-up study [by] Ngai Chow, Danielle Southerst, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Carlo Ammendolia
The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in athletes [by] Thomas Lykke Christiansen, Imran Khan Niazi, Kelly Holt, Rasmus Wiberg Nedergaard,Jens Duehr, Vivian Schlupp, Paul Marshall, Kemal Tucker, Jan Hartvigsen, Heidi Haavik
Neuromechanical responses to spinal mobilization and manipulation in an ovine model of cervical intervertebral disc degeneration [by] Christopher Colloca, Roberg Gunzburg, Deed Harrison, Marek Szpalski, Brian Freeman, Mostafa Hegazy, Richard Hinrichs
Quantifying in vivo vertebral motions during impulsive spinal manipulation [by] Christopher Colloca, Roberg Gunzburg, Marek Szpalski, Mostafa Hegazy
Inter-method comparison of supine and prone measures of leg length inequality [by] Robert Cooperstein, Marc Lucente, John Lockenour, Terry Payton
A secondary analysis of the interexaminer reliability of motion palpation for the most fixated spinal segment [by] Robert Cooperstein, Morgan Young
Zygapophyseal (Z) joint crepitus before and after spinal manipulation: a pilot study [by] Gregory Cramer, Matthew Budavitch, Preetam Bora, Kim Ross
The prevalence and impact of spine pain in Ontario long term care seniors [by] Connie D'Astolfo, Peter Tsasis
The efficacy of manual therapy for pain and disability in older persons with chronic low back pain: A systematic review [by] Katie de Luca, Sheng-Hung Fang, Justin Ong, Ki Soo Shin, Samuel Woods, Peter Tuchin
The effect of chiropractic treatment on the reaction and response times of special operation forces military personnel: a randomized controlled trial [by] James DeVocht, Dean Smith, Cynthia Long, Robert Vining, Thomas Jones, Qian Li, Christine Goertz
Motor neuron excitability attenuation as a sequel to lumbar manipulation in low back pain patients [by] J. Donald Dishman, Jeanmarie Burke, Paul Dougherty
Spinal pain in Danish school children – how often and how long? The CHAMPS Study-DK [by] Kristina Dissing, Jan Hartvigsen, Niels Wedderkopp, Christopher Williams, Steven Kamper, Eleanor Boyle, Lise Hestbaek
Mind body intervention (MBI) for chronic lower back pain: a pilot study [by] Paul Dougherty, Jurgis Karuza, Jennifer Murphy, Amanda Dluzniewski, Dorian Savino
Prevention of low back pain: effect and cost-effectiveness of preventive treatment (chiropractic maintenance care) as compared to symptomatic treatment – a pragmatic randomized clinical trial [by] ]Andreas Eklund, Irene Jensen, Malin Lohela-Karlsson, Jan Hagberg, Lennart Bodin, Charlotte Lebouf-Yde, Alice Kongstad, Iben Axen
Neck loading during thoracic high-velocity low amplitude (HVLA) manipulation: an investigation of regional interdependence [by] Shawn Engell, Samuel Haworth, John Jay Triano
Subclinical neck pain leads to altered multi-sensory integration at baseline and four week follow-up relative to healthy controls [by] Bassmem Farid, Paul Yielder, Michael Holmes, Heidi Haavik, Bernadette Murphy
Mindfulness within chiropractic [by] Fuchsia Farrow, Adrian Hunnisett, Sokratis Dinas, Christina Cunliffe
Research priorities of the Canadian chiropractic profession [by] Simon French, Paul Bruno, Jill Hayden, Greg Kawchuk, Steven Passmore, John Srebely, Peter Beliveau
The efficacy of workplace interventions on physical factors for office workers with neck pain: a meta-analysis [by] Martin Frutiger, Robert Borotkanics, Peter Tuchin
Correcting thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using a new 3D bracing approach: a case study [by] Bradley Gage, Jeb McAviney, Firoz Miyanji, Arvindera Ghag
Effects of palpation and two-point rolling thermography on skin temperature as assessed with a digital infrared thermography camera [by] Les Gilbert, Stephanei Sullivan, Julie Jordan, Ronald Hosek
Subclinical neck pain affects motor skill acquisition and transfer as compared to a healthy control group [by] Ryan Gilley, Paul Yielder, Julianne Baarbe, Michael Holmes, Heidi Haavik, Bernadette Murphy
Integrative clinical pathway for veterans with spine pain and mental health co-morbidities: results of a Delphi process study [by] Christine Goertz, Stacie Salsbury, Cheryl Hawk, Robert Vining, Richard Branson, Linda Burgo, Virginia Smith, Robert Wallace, Cynthia Long, Anthonly Lisi
Chiropractic integration into multidisciplinary healthcare centers: results of a multi-site qualitative case study [by] Christine Goertz, Elissa Twist, Stacie Salsbury, Virginia Smith, Anthony Lisi
Assessment of chiropractic treatment for active duty, U.S. military personnel with low back pain: a randomized controlled trial [by] Christine Goertz, Cynthia Long, Robert Vining, Katherine Pohlman, Joan Walter, Ian Coulter
Cranio-cervical dysfunction as a cause of trigeminal impingement: a case report [by] Paul Gold
Predictive factors for reporting adverse events following spinal manipulation in randomized clinical trials - secondary analysis of a systematic review [by] Lindsay Gorrell, Benjamin Brown, Reidar Lystad, Roger Engel
Prefrontal blood volume changes with neck positioning [by] Hercules Grant, Greg Kawchuk
A qualitative study describing the experience of students successively enrolled in chiropractic and medical school [by] Julie-Marthe Grenier, Danica Brousseau
Dose-response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for cervicogenic headache: short-term outcomes from a randomized controlled trial [by] Mitch Haas, Gert Bronfort, Roni Evans, Craig Schulzm Darcy Vavrek, Leslie Takaki, Linda Hanson, Brent Leininger, Moni Neradliek
Spinal pains and comorbid conditions in the adult us population: data from the 2011-2013 National Health Interview Survey [by] Scott Haldeman, Haiou Yang, Bart Green
Open mouth lateral bending views for craniocervical junction hypermobility: a reliability study [by] Karthik Hariharan, Michael Schneider, Matthew Maxwell
Best practices for chiropractic care for older adults: a consensus update [by] Cheryl Hawk, Michael Schneider, Mitchell Haas, Paul Dougherty, Brina Gleberzon, Lisa Killinger, Paul Katz, John Weeks
Student and new graduate perception of hospital versus traditional institution clinic in clinical educational experience [by] Navine Haworth, Linda Jones
Employer-funded onsite Chiropractic: effects on workers' compensation and associated costs [by] Chad Henriksen
Does motor development in early childhood predict spinal pain in early adolescence? [by] Lise Hestbaek, Steven Kamper, Jan Hartvigsen, Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen
Comparison of patient, clinician, and researcher definitions of chronic pain: Data from a national sample of chiropractic providers and their patients with low back and cervical pain  [by] Lara Hilton, Margaret Whitley, Lisa Miyashiro, Gery Ryan, Ian Coulter
The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in stroke patients [by] Kelly Holt, Imran Khan Niazi, Rasmus Wiberg, Jens Duehr, Imrad Amjad, Muhammad Shafiq, Harrison Ndetan, Heid Haavik
Building chiropractic research capacity for the chiropractic profession to impact spinal health: an international survey [by] Claire Johnson, William Meeker, Gregory Cramer, Mitchell Haas, Robert Mootz, John Mrozek
Spinal stiffness assessment with simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging: A feasibility study to determine how various spinal tissues contribute to spinal stiffness measures [by] Peter Jun, Greg Kawchuk
Neural correlates of spinal manipulative therapy[by]Norman Kettner, Ekaterina Protsenko. Ishtiaq Mawla, Matthew Kowalski, David Swenson, Deanna O'Dwyer-Swenson, Vitaly Napadow, Marco Loggia
The STarT Back Tool in Chiropractic Practice: A Narrative Review [by] Yasmeen Khan
A clinician's approach to doctor – patient boundaries [by] Stuart Kinsinger
An exploratory analysis of gender as a potential modifier of treatment effect among patients in a randomized controlled trial of integrative acupuncture and spinal manipulation for low back pain [by] Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Kevin Rose, Gena Kadar, Eric Hurwitz
The combined use of spinal manipulation and acupuncture as a potential integrative care for low back pain: analysis of health interview survey data [by] Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Harrison Ndetan, Cheryl Hawk, Marion Evans, Vishaldeep Sekhon
Development, evaluation and implementation of an interprofessioinal collaboration competency framework - experiences from an inner city teaching hospital [by] Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Ashley Skiffington, Norman Dewhurst, Lori Whelan, Fok-Han Leung, Ellen Newbold, Lindsay Beavers
The effect of a training program on speed development for students delivering prone thoracic manipulations [by] Steven Lester, David Starmer, Leah Barbaro, Brittany Fraser, Justine Landry, Kailee Stock
Tumor imaging instruction and assessment at chiropractic colleges in the US and Canada, a pilot study with implications for NBCE content [by] Kathleen Linaker, Sarah Arpin, Charles Fisher, Michael Sackett, Leslie Georger
Endurance of neck extensor muscles: evaluation of patients with tension-type headache [by] Andree-Anne Marchand, Marie-Pier Girard, Marie-Eve Hebert, Martin Descarreaux
Regeneration of the intervertebral disc: evidence using a defined molecular approach based upon the notochordal cell secretome [by] Ajay Matta, M. Zia Karim, David Isenman, W. Mark Erwin
Sonographic diagnosis of upper extremity effort thrombosis (Paget-Schroetter syndrome): a case report [by] Ross Mattox, Norman Kettner
Can you feel it? Limitations in palpating spinal stiffness [by] Stephen Miazaga, Greg Kawchuk, Jonathan Kawchuk, Martha Funabashi, Arnold Wong
A systematic review of thrust manipulation plus one conservative intervention for non-surgical rotator cuff conditions [by] Amy Minkalis, Robert Vining, Cynthia Long, Cheryl Hawk, Katie de Luca
Profiling chiropractic practices and their patients: Ontario chiropractic observation and analysis study (O-COAST) [by] Silvano Mior, Jessica Wong, Peter Beliveau, Andres Bussieres, Simon French
Latent class analysis derived subgroups of low back pain patients – do they have prognostic capacity? [by] Anne Molgaard Nielsen, Lise Hestbaek, Werner Vach, Peter Kent, Alice Kongstad
Manipulation and McKenzie method eliminates pain and opioid prescriptions: a case study [by] Ryan Molloy, Nathan Kinkeldey, Zach Jipp
Treatment of migraine by Australian chiropractors: A secondary analysis of the ACORN national cross-sectional survey [by] Craig Moore, Andrew Leaver, John Adams, David Sibbrett
Non-pharmaceutical management of an 80-year-old Caucasian female: A case report [by] Kenice Morehouse-Grand, Stephen Grand
Do clinical questionnaires for lumbar stiffness and instability correlate with mechanised assessment of lumbar spinal stiffness? An agreement study [by] Madeline Morrison, Aron Downie, Benjamin Brown, Greg Kawchuk, Michael Swain
Demonstration of central conduction time and neuroplastic changes after cervical lordosis rehabilitation in asymptomatic subjects: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial [by] Ibrahim Moustafa-Moustafa, Aliaa Atiaa Mohamend Diab, Shimaa Taha, Deed Harrison
Career choice motivations, demographics and future career aspirations of UK chiropractic students [by] Sharee Muir, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
Adherence to acute low back pain guideline recommendations: a cluster randomized controlled trial with chiropractors and physiotherapists [by] Denise O'Connor, Joanne McKenzie, Simon French, Matthew Page, Duncan Mortimer, Bruce Walker, Simon Turner, Jennifer keating, Jeremy Grimshaw, Susan Michie, Jill Francis, Sally Green
Baseline evaluation of the evidence-based practice competencies for faculty and students at chiropractic program: a cross-sectional survey [by] Anjum Odhwami, Gene Giggelman, Pradip Sarkar, Katherine Pohlman
Intergrating chiropractic into concussion management: a case series [by] Harold Olson, Spencer Lindholm, Michael Tunning
Thoracic spinal stiffness measurement and reliability: influence of spinal level and chronic thoracic pain [by] Isabelle Page, Arnaud Lardon, Francouis Nougarou, Martin Descarraux
The impact of spinal manipulation on lower extremity motor control in lumbar spinal stenosis patients: a single-blind, phase-I randomized clinical trial [by] Steven Passmore, Michael Johnson, Stephan Cooper, Mina Aziz, Cheryl Glazebrook
Spinal manipulation dosage is affected by tactile perception [by] Steven Passmore, Geoff Gelley, Brian MacNeill
Teaching teams to teach: program evaluation results from an interprofessional faculty development program in academic family medicine [by] Judith Peranson, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Morgan Slater, Abbas Ghavam-Rassoul
Distribution of self-theories of intelligence in matriculating chiropractic students [by] Christopher Petrie
Complementary care in Medicaid patients with long-term physical disabilities: a pilot program in the state of Colorado [by] Mark Pfefer, Stephen Cooper, Jennifer Boggess
Patient safety culture evaluation of chiropractors in three canadian provinces: preliminary findings [by] Katherine Pohlman, Silvano Mior, Martha Funabashi, Diana DeCarvalho, Mohammed El-Bayoumi, Bob Hiag, Kimbalin Kelly, Darrell Wade, Maeve O'Beirne, Sunita Vohra
Do clinician and patient reports of adverse events align? Assessing adverse events after chiropractic care at a chiropractic teaching clinic: an active surveillance pilot study [by] Katherine Pohlman, Patrick Bodnar Harrison Ndetan, Greg Kawchuk
Engagement as predictors of performance in a single cohort of undergraduate chiropractic students [by] Jacqueline Rix, Phillip Dewhurst, David Newell, Caroline Cook
Interprofessional practice and clinical residency training in spine pain for doctors of chiropractic: A descriptive comparison of two programs in southern California[ [by] Robb Russell, Valerie Johnson
Non-surgical treatments for lumbar spinal stenosis: results from a randomized controlled trial [by] Michael Schneider, Carlo Ammendolia, Donald Murphy, Ronald Glick, Dana Tudorascu, Sally Morton, Elizabeth Hile
A systematic review of musculoskeletal taping methods [by] Michael Schneider, Chris Bise, Brent Leininger, Emily Polakowski
Integration of chiropractic services in a patient centered medical home [by] Joel Stevens, Brian Justice
Is there a role for chiropractors in managing sick leave as part of work disability prevention for musculoskeletal disorders? A qualitative study of Nordic chiropractors [by] Mette Jensen Stockendahl, Ole Kristoffer Larsen, Caspar Glissman Nim, Iben Axen, Ole Christian Kvammen, Corrie Myburgh
Chiropractors' perceived barriers and facilitators to managing sickness absence: A survey of Nordic practice [by] Mette Jensen Stockendahl, Caspar Glissman Nim, Ole Kristoffer Larsen, Iben Axen, Ole Christian Kvammen, Corrie Myburgh
A description of the blended experiential learning environment and comparison of weekly quizzes versus midterm examinations as assessments of student learning [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Kathryn Hoiriis
The relationship between growth, maturation, and spinal pain in adolescents: a systematic review [by] Michael Swain, Steven Kamper, Chris Maher, Carolyn Broderick, Damian McKay, Nicholas Henschke
If you build it, they will come. The preliminary impact of a faculty mentoring program [by] Michael Tunning, Dustin Derby, Kelly Krell-Mares, Michelle Barber
Interdisciplinary rehabilitation including chiropractic for a patient with spinal cord injury [by] Robert Vining, Donna Gosselin, Jeb Thurmond, Kimberlee Case
Chiropractic services provided at a rehabilitation specialty hospital [by] Robert Vining, Stacie Salsbury, Carl Cooley, Jeb Thurmond, Lance Corber, Donna Gosselin, Christine Goertz
Attitudes towards chiropractic: A survey of Ontario midwives [by] Carol Ann Weis, Gloria Cheung, Laurence Dion, Jennifer Garven, Meghan Robinson, Suzannah Bennett, Jason Busse
Association between utilization of chiropractic services for low back pain and use of prescription opioids: preliminary results of a health claims study [by] James Whedon
Association between utilization of chiropractic care for low back pain and risk of adverse drug events: Preliminary results of analysis of New Hampshire insurance claims data [by] James Whedon
The impact of body mass index on pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain in nulliparous women in Ireland [by] Francesa Wuytack, Deidre Daly, Elizabeth Curtis, Cecily Begley
Work-related risk factors for spinal pain: Data from the 2015 National Health Interview Survey [by] Haiou Yang, Ming-Lun Lu, Scott Haldeman, Naomi Swanson, Edward Hitchcock, Dean Baker, Sara Luckhaupt
Active and inactive spondylolysis at L5: A case report [by] Terry Yochum, Alicia Yochum
The long-term effects of brief simulated low velocity variable amplitude loads on neurogenesis in cultured PC-12 cells [by] Liang Zhang, Chao Hua Yao

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