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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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This page lists all of the journals ever indexed in the Index to Chiropractic Literature. For current status (active, ceased or suspended), complete bibliographical information, and links to the journal sites and author instructions, click on the journal abbreviations below.
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Journal Title
Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal
ICL Abbreviation Asia-Pac Chiropr J
Source Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal
6 Sidney Nolan Place
Diamond Creek, Victoria 3089
Status Active
Peer Review Yes

The purpose of this journal is to celebrate the writers for chiropractic. We are to be reflective of the Palmer heritage in Chiropractic and adventurous to develop and grow the discipline through patient care, community leadership, and discipline scholarship. All our processes are focused on rapid publication without barriers. 

The three pillars of the Asia-Pac Chiropr J are Freedom, Truth, and Health. The Journal is funded by an ongoing grant from a private family grateful for the way chiropractic has made their lives worth living. The Journal has no link to any chiropractic association or institution and is fully independent in all meanings of the idea of independence. 


Publishing History Launched online July 2020
ISSN 2652-6549 (Online)
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Full Text Online

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Additional Notes

Integration: The Japanese Journal of Integrative Medicine is a respected publication in the Japanese health-care system. Its former Editor-in-Chief and the board director of Integrative Medicine Japan, Dr Seika Kamohara (MD, PhD), is this Journal’s Section Editor for papers that address the integration of chiropractic care with broad-based care including medicine and other clinical approaches. The Journal welcomes submissions from health professionals other than chiropractors. 

Editor: Professor Phillip Ebrall served as Associate Editor for the Chiropractic Journal of Australia and maintains an publishing profile in a diverse range of journals pertinent to chiropractic. His writing encompasses chiropractic history and philosophy. 

Executive Editor: Dr Rolf E Peters (OAM, DC, MCSc(Res)) is the Editor Emeritus of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia, over which he and Dr Mary Ann Chance presided for some 30 years to raise a newsletter to one of chiropractic’s most respected journals of record. The eclectic bent of his editorial direction sets the template for the attitude of the Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal.

Peer Review: Peer review with the Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal is a receptive, cooperative process and is celebratory, not combative. As an author you will nominate 2 people you feel have the content expertise to critically judge your work. This process relies on trust and an author that recommends their partner and mother will not be viewed kindly. The Editor’s role is to filter the most critical comment and convert it to words that may be of use to the author.