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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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This page lists all of the journals ever indexed in the Index to Chiropractic Literature. For current status (active, ceased or suspended), complete bibliographical information, and links to the journal sites and author instructions, click on the journal abbreviations below.
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Journal Title
European Journal of Chiropractic
ICL Abbreviation Eur J Chiropr
Source European Chiropractor's Union
Wiltshire, UK
Status Ceased
Frequency Variable
Peer Review Yes

European Journal of Chiropractic is a scholarly publication with the primary objective of providing a means of communication between its subscribers, principally members of the European Chiropractors' Union, by the critical review and publication of articles relating to the principles and practice of chiropractic. It seeks to cultivate a professional dialogue by providing information on educational, political and social matters relevant to the practice of chiropractic in Europe for the members of the Union.
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Publishing History v.30, no.2, 1982-v.51, no.3, 2003
ISSN 0263-9114
Full Text Online

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