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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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ChiroSH Online

ChiroSH (Chiropractic Subject Headings) is a controlled vocabulary created by members of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration, an organization affiliated with the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. ChiroSH is used by the Index to Chiropractic Literature’s indexers, and by catalogers in health sciences libraries. This online version (under development) is an innovation we hope will be widely used by students, chiropractors and researchers. The first edition of ChiroSH was released in 1984 and the seventh edition is currently in production.

Developed by Peter Leighton, D.C.

Also known as: Arcus Vertebrae, Neural Arch

The circle of bone that encloses a vertebral foramen. Also known as: arcus vertebrae, neural arch.

Also known as: George's Test, Vertebral Artery Scan

Extreme rotation and extension of the head. Certain symptoms indicate a positive result and are a contraindication to cervical manipulation.

When vertebrae lose their normal position or motion and interfere with nervous system function. Search Vertebral Subluxation Complex in the Index to Chiropractic Literature.
See also: Subluxation

Referring to the vertebral and basilar arteries. (Based on the MeSH term Cardiovascular System.)

Also known as: Animals, Adjustment

Chiropractic care that is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in animals. [ICLID 22167] (Based on the MeSH term Veterinary Medicine.)

Developed by Rupert Von Fox, D.C.