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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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ChiroSH Online

ChiroSH (Chiropractic Subject Headings) is a controlled vocabulary created by members of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration, an organization affiliated with the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. ChiroSH is used by the Index to Chiropractic Literature’s indexers, and by catalogers in health sciences libraries. This online version (under development) is an innovation we hope will be widely used by students, chiropractors and researchers. The first edition of ChiroSH was released in 1984 and the seventh edition is currently in production.

Also known as: SMUA, Spinal Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Manipulation that is executed under general or local anesthesia, or while the patient is mildly sedated. Search Manipulation Under Anesthesia in the Index to Chiropractic Literature.
See also: Sacro Occipital Technique

Also known as: Cervical Manipulation

(Based on the MeSH term Manipulation, Chiropractic.)

Also known as: Adjustment, Chiropractic, Chiropractic Adjustment, Chiropractic Manipulation, Chiropractic Treatment

see: Consider also specific named chiropractic techniques.

Also known as: Cranial Manipulation

See also: Chirodontics

Also known as: Extremities Manipulation

See also: Post System Technique

Also known as: Joint Manipulation

Also known as: Lumbar Manipulation

Also known as: Side Posture Manipulation

Also known as: Muscles / adjustment, Soft Tissue Manipulation


Also known as: Thoracic Manipulation

Developed by Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D.

Developed by George Roth, D.C., N.D.

Developed by R. B. Mawhinney, D.C.
See also: Full Spine Techniques

Also known as: McTimody Technique

Developed by John McTimoney, D.C.
See also: Toggle Recoil Technique

Developed by Donald B. Mears, Sr., D.C.
See also: Upper Cervical Techniques

Developed by D. D. Palmer, D.C.

A diagnostic and treatment procedure in which a patient’s symptoms are used to identify the area of the spine to adjust.

Also known as: Full Spine Specific Technique

Developed by C.S. Cleveland, D.C.
See also: Full Spine Techniques

Thermal, ultrasound, electrical, needle, pressure, or laser stimulation of specific energy points running in channels or pathways (“meridians”) up and down the body.
See also: Shiatsu

Developed by Robert Goddard Young, D.C.

Chiropractic practice that includes military personnel or operations. (Based on the MeSH term Military Medicine.)

Also known as: Chiropractic, Mixers, Mixers

A branch of chiropractic that uses a variety of treatment modalities in addition to chiropractic manipulation to treat patients.
See also: Philosophy, Chiropractic

Movement applied singularly or repetitively within or at the physiologic range of joint motion, without imparting a thrust or impulse, with the goal of restoring joint mobility.
See also: Mobilization, Joint

See also: Mobilization

Developed by Gerhard M. Morreim, D.C.

Also known as: Dynamic Palpation, Gillet Technique, Palpation, Dynamic, Palpation, Motion

A diagnostic technique that involves moving the anatomical part through a range of motion.
See also: Full Spine Techniques

MET [Muscle Energy Technique] is a gentle technique used in clinical practice by a wide range of manual therapy practitioners, including physiotherapists and osteopaths. It is commonly used to treat hypertonic muscles and to improve joint mobility. The isometric version of the technique is most commonly employed and involves specific components: 1. Localisation of joint/muscle barrier by operator (controlled joint positioning); 2. Patient active muscle contraction in a specific direction for a specified time; 3. Operator-applied distinct counterforce against the patient contraction; 4. Patient relaxation; 5. Operator re-uptakes the ‘new’ barrier (passive stretch of the muscle, or increase in joint movement in a specific direction); 6. Repeat procedure several times.
: Baxter DA, Shergis JL, Fazalbhoy A, Coyle ME. Muscle energy technique for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review. Chiropr & Manual Ther. 2019 ;27(37):1-7.
Search ICL for Muscle Energy Technique.


Also known as: M.S.S.T.

Developed by Fred J. Kippenbrock, D.C.
See also: Full Spine Techniques

Also known as: Direct Release Myofascial Technique

A technique, based upon the original work in Trigger Points, that releases myofascial restrictions while leading the patient through a range of motion.
See also: Full Spine Techniques, Trigger Points