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Index to Chiropractic Literature
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Thursday, October 5, 2023
Index to Chiropractic LiteratureIndex to Chiropractic LiteratureIndex to Chiropractic Literature

ChiroSH Online

ChiroSH (Chiropractic Subject Headings) is a controlled vocabulary created by members of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration, an organization affiliated with the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. ChiroSH is used by the Index to Chiropractic Literature’s indexers, and by catalogers in health sciences libraries. This online version (under development) is an innovation we hope will be widely used by students, chiropractors and researchers. The first edition of ChiroSH was released in 1984 and the seventh edition is currently in production.

Developed by Michael U. Kale, D.C.
See also: Upper Cervical Techniques

Developed by W. Frederic Keck, D.C.

Also known as: Applied Kinesiology, Pitch, Roll, and Yaw

See also: B.E.S.T. Technique, Cranial Therapy, Cross Crawl, Diagnosis, Cranial, Full Spine Techniques

Also known as: Clinical Kinesiology

Developed by Alan G. Beardall, D.C.
See also: Full Spine Techniques

Also known as: Closed-Kinetic Chain Exercises, Joint Isolation Exercises, Open-Kinetic Chain Exercises

Rehabilitation exercises in which movement of one part of the body affects other parts in a chain reaction.

Developed by Wallace E. King, D.C.

Developed by Tedd Koren, D.C.