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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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ChiroSH Online

ChiroSH (Chiropractic Subject Headings) is a controlled vocabulary created by members of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration, an organization affiliated with the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. ChiroSH is used by the Index to Chiropractic Literature’s indexers, and by catalogers in health sciences libraries. This online version (under development) is an innovation we hope will be widely used by students, chiropractors and researchers. The first edition of ChiroSH was released in 1984 and the seventh edition is currently in production.

An idea posited by B.J. Palmer stating that the body has a tendency to heal itself. According to this idea, forces are transmitted from the brain through the spinal column and into the nerves.
See also: Philosophy, Chiropractic

The integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique (INIT) is a manual MTrPs deactivation technique, which has been described by Chaitow. It includes the combination of the ischemic compression technique, the strain-counterstrain technique, and the muscle energy technique. Sadaat et al reported that 1 session of the INIT is able to reduce pain and pressure pain threshold (PPT) in individuals with CMNP due to MTrPs in the upper trapezius muscle. Nagrale et al claimed that the INIT is more effective than the muscle energy technique in improving pain, disability, and range of motion (ROM) in individuals with neck pain, whereas Sibby et al suggested that the INIT is equally effective with laser application in upper trapezius MTrPs.
Source: Lytras DE, Sykaras EI, Christoulas KI, Myrogiannis IS, Kellis E. Effects of exercise and an integrated neuromuscular inhibition technique program in the management of chronic mechanical neck pain: A randomized controlled trial . J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2020 Feb;43(2):100-113.

The combination of allopathic medical treatments with complementary therapies for patient care.

Also known as: Costal Syndromes

Also known as: Disk Degeneration

Also known as: Neural Foramen

Opening between vertebrae for passage of nerves to and from the spinal cord, and onward to other parts of the body. Also called a neural foramen.

Also known as: Iridiagnosis, Irisdiagnosis

The examination of the iris to gather information about a patient’s overall health.

A massage technique that puts pressure directly on a trigger point in order to increase the blockage of blood to it. Upon release, blood rushes through the area and washes away waste products, supplies oxygen, and helps the affected tissue heal.
See also: Trigger Point Pressure Release, Trigger Points