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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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ChiroSH (Chiropractic Subject Headings) is a controlled vocabulary created by members of the Chiropractic Library Collaboration, an organization affiliated with the Association of Chiropractic Colleges. ChiroSH is used by the Index to Chiropractic Literature’s indexers, and by catalogers in health sciences libraries. This online version (under development) is an innovation we hope will be widely used by students, chiropractors and researchers. The first edition of ChiroSH was released in 1984 and the seventh edition is currently in production.

Chiropractors who use FN [Functional Neurology] extend their scope of treatment to the nervous system including the brain, targeting, for example, dysfunctional groups of neurons that, purportedly, can be stimulated with various therapeutic approaches, including spinal manipulation. Examples of indications of treatment with FN are neuro-musculoskeletal disorders, symptoms related to traumatic brain injuries, neurologic diseases or disorders, psychiatric disorders, and various neurologic or non-neurologic isolated symptoms. The treatments do not seem to be specific to the conditions but they are related to the examination findings, in such a way that patients with completely different conditions can be ‘prescribed’ very similar treatments.
: Demortier M, Goncalves G, Leboeuf-Yde C, Le Scanff C, Wedderkopp N. Attitudes to functional neurology and some other ‘prescriptive’ chiropractic techniques and their associations with chiropractic conservatism: A cross-sectional survey of chiropractic students. Chiropr & Manual Ther. 2020;28(28):1-12.
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