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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Chiropr Educ: October 2020(34:2): 107-115 26489 High-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation training of prescribed forces and thrust duration: A pilot study
  • Zacariah SK
  • Vining RD
  • Gudavalli MR
  • Boesch RJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2018(41:9): 762-770 25635 Analysis of head posture and activation of the cervical neck extensors during a low-load task in women with chronic migraine and healthy participants
  • Florencio LL
  • Ferracni GN
  • Chaves TC
  • Palacios-Cena M
  • Ordás-Bandera C
  • Speciali JG
  • Grossi DB
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas C
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2017(16:3): 189-194 24980 Evaluation of static and dynamic balance tests in single and dual task conditions in participants with nonspecific chronic low back pain
  • Hemmati L
  • Rojhani-Shirazi Z
  • Malek-Hoseini H
  • Mobaraki I
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2016(39:1): 23-30 24328 Influence of subclinical neck pain on the ability to perform a mental rotation task: A 4-week longitudinal study with a healthy control group comparison
  • Baarbé JK
  • Holmes MW
  • Murphy HE
  • Haavik H
  • Murphy BA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2015(38:6): 407-417 24146 Consistency and malleability of manipulation performance in experienced clinicians: A pre-post experimental design
  • Triano JJ
  • Giuliano D
  • Kanga I
  • Starmer D
  • Brazeau J
  • Screaton CE
  • Semple C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2014(37:4): 230-235 23418 Quantification of prone thoracic manipulation using inertial sensor-derived accelerations
  • Williams JM
  • Cuesta-Vargas A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2013(36:6): 342-348 22929 Force-time profile differences in the delivery of simulated toggle-recoil spinal manipulation by students, instructors, and field doctors of chiropractic
  • DeVocht JW
  • Owens EF
  • Gudavalli MR
  • Strazewski J
  • Bhogal R
  • Xia T
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2011(34:3): 173-180 21697 Maturation in rate of high-velocity, low-amplitude force development
  • Triano JJ
  • Gissler T
  • Forgie M
  • Milwid D
J Chiropr Educ: Spring 2011(25:1): 16-29 21634 Laboratory pre-participation screening examination in a chiropractic college: Development, implementation, and results
  • Funk MF
  • Cantito AA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2010(33:4): 261-272 21123 The effects of spinal manipulation on central integration of dual somatosensory input observed after motor training: A crossover study
  • Taylor HH
  • Murphy B
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2010(33:3): 226-230 21055 Learning spinal manipulation skills: Assessment of biomechanical parameters in a 5-year longitudinal study
  • Descarreaux M
  • Dugas C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2009(32:5): 372-378 20585 Force-time profile characterization of the McTimoney toggle-torque-recoil technique [MTTR]
  • Colloca CJ
  • Cunliffe C
  • Pinnock MH
  • Kim Y-K
  • Hinrichs RN
Clin Chiropr: Dec 2006(9:4): 170-175 19321 Development, validity and reliability of a novice adjusting simulator for the thoracic spine: Preliminary investigation
  • Gemmell H
  • Gosselin G
  • Cucciolillo A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2006(29:5): 378-385 18983 Effects of visual feedback on manipulation performance and patient ratings
  • Bougie J
  • Scaringe JG
  • Triano JJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 2006(29:4): 257-266 18965 The effect of chiropractic adjustments on movement time: a pilot study using Fitts Law
  • Smith DL
  • Dainoff MJ
  • Smith JP
J Chiropr Med: Spring 2005(4:2): 53-60 18217 Kinetic analysis of expertise in spinal manipulative therapy using an instrumented manikin
  • Normand MC
  • Descarreaux M
  • Dugas C
  • Raymond J
J Chiropr Educ: Fall 2002(16:2): 107-113 17306 First-trimester chiropractic students' reactions to a multistation teaching format for learning adjustive psychomotor skills
  • Ebbets JR
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2000(23:6): 437-438 14782 The influence of a chiropractic manipulation on lumbar kinematics and electromyography during simple and complex tasks: a case study [letter; comment]
  • McGill SM
  • Seaman DR
Todays Chiropr: Sep-Oct 1999(28:5): 78-85 132 The secret of the peak performer
  • Humble DD
  • Good C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: May 1993(16:4): 228-237 6141 A model for developing standards of care of the chiropractic paraprofessional by task analysis
  • Bluestein P
  • White SH
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