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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Int Acad Neuromusculoskel Med: Dec 2023(20:2): 9-18 27966 Portable hip clamshell strength assessment: Reliability and validity
  • Nagai T
  • Schilaty ND
  • Kunzer CM
  • Greer A
  • Bates NA
  • McPherson AL
J Int Acad Neuromusculoskel Med: Dec 2023(20:2): 32-41 27968 Feasibility of three-speed isokinetic knee testing protocol
  • McPherson AL
  • Kunzer CM
  • Bates NA
  • Schilaty ND
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2023(22:1): 27-34 27836 Association between isokinetic knee strength characteristics and single-leg hop performance in healthy young participants
  • Vassis K
  • Kanellopoulos A
  • Spanos S
  • Kakolyri D
  • Loukopoulou A
  • Papanikolakou V
  • Aivaliotis D
  • Poulis I
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2023(31:7): 8 27407 Manual therapies in cystic fibrosis care: A scoping review
  • Sinderholm NS
  • Bjersa K
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2022(45:9): 641-651 27709 Associations between gluteus medius trigger points with hip passive range of movement and muscle strength in adults with chronic nonspecific low back pain: A cross-sectional study
  • Carroll M
  • Ellis R
  • Kohut S
  • Garrett N
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2022(45:7): 543-550 27478 Neck strength evaluated with fixed and portable dynamometers in asymptomatic individuals: Correlation, concurrent validity, and agreement
  • Martins TS
  • Pinheiro-Araujo CF
  • Gorla C
  • Florencio LL
  • Martins J
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas C
  • Oliveira AS
  • Bevilaqua-Grossi D
J Clin Chiropr Pediatr: May 2022(21:1): 1877-1881 27509 Using whole body vibration in the pediatric population: a primer for the chiropractor
  • Tracy B
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul-Aug 2022(45:6): 448-458 27468 Neck strength in coronal and sagittal head movement in military pilots and aircrew with chronic neck pain: A systematic review with meta-analysis
  • Miranda IF
  • Neto ESW
  • Dhein W
  • Brodt GA
  • Loss JF
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2022(21:4): 260-269 27404 Clinimetric properties of the applied kinesiology manual muscle test in adults with and without pain: A methodological study
  • Oliveira DG
  • Oliveira GM
  • Kirkwood RN
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2022(21:4): 296-304 27409 Early activation of quadriceps with pressure biofeedback for the prevention of arthrogenic muscle inhibition following lower limb orthopedic surgeries: A proof of concept clinical trial
  • Achens JT
  • Victor VSR
  • Joseph JK
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2022(45:5): 378-388 27362 Effects of aquatic physical exercise on motor risk factors for falls in older people during the COVID-19 pandemic: A randomized controlled trial
  • Ferreira DL
  • Christofoletti G
  • Campos DM
  • Janducci AL
  • Candanedo MJBL
  • Ansai JH
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2022(30:33): 9 27146 The short-term effect of a myofascial protocol versus light touch applied to the cervical spine towards the prevention of balance disorders in the elderly: Protocol of a randomised controlled trial
  • Pinloche L
  • Souvignet S
  • Germain M
  • Monteil K
  • Hautier C
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2022(2:5): 48 27043 A history of professional applied kinesiology around the world (Part 2)
  • Cuthbert S
  • Lindley-Jones C
  • Charles E
  • Meierhofer R
  • Meldener R
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar 2021(44:3): 229-235 26810 Concurrent validity and reliability of a low-cost dynamometer to assess maximal isometric strength in neck movements
  • Romero-Franco N
  • Jiménez-Reyes P
  • Fernández-Domínguez JC
J Contemp Chiropr: 2021(4:1): 112-117 26937 Sarcopenia: Causes, consequences and prevalence. Understanding an unmet clinical need: A literature review
  • Miller JA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2021(44:1): 1-13 26577 Influence of lumbar mobilizations during the Nordic hamstring exercise on hamstring measures of knee flexor strength, failure point, and muscle activity: A randomized crossover trial
  • Chesterton P
  • Evans W
  • Wright M
  • Lolli L
  • Richardson M
  • Atkinson G
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jan 2021(44:1): 14-24 26578 Correlation between central sensitization and remote muscle performance in individuals with chronic low back pain
  • Aoyagi K
  • Sharma NK
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2021(1:3): 1-9 26502 Mind, trauma & muscle inhibition Part II: When muscle inhibition is not ignored. Evidence of effectiveness from the NBA
  • Weissfeld R
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2021(1:3): 1-23 26499 Mind, trauma & muscle inhibition Part I: Experiment and case history yield novel theory of muscular PTSD
  • Weissfeld R
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2020(28:53): Online access only 10 p 26348 Determining Trendelenburg test validity and reliability using 3-dimensional motion analysis and muscle dynamometry
  • McCarney L
  • Andrews A
  • Henry P
  • Fazalbhoy A
  • Raj IS
  • Lythgo N
  • Kendall JC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2020(43:3): 247-256 26303 Effect of pelvic floor and hip muscle strengthening in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence: A randomized clinical trial
  • Marques SAA
  • Silveira SRBD
  • Pássaro AC
  • Haddad JM
  • Baracat EC
  • Ferreira EAG
Ann Vert Sublux Res: Dec 2019(2019:): 166-170 26758 Improvement in motor strength, balance and dysautonomia in a male stroke survivor following the assessment and correction of vertebral subluxation: A case study [case report]
  • Russell D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2019(42:8): 608-622 26076 Individuals with chronic neck pain have lower neck strength than healthy controls: A systematic review with meta-analysis
  • Miranda IF
  • Wagner Neto ES
  • Dhein W
  • Brodt GA
  • Loss JF
J Chiropr Med: Jun 2019(18:2): 90-96 25949 Percentage contribution of lower limb moments to vertical ground reaction force in normal gait
  • Elhafez SM
  • Ashour AA
  • Elhafez NM
  • Elhafez GM
  • Abdelmohsen AM
J Chiropr Med: Jun 2019(18:2): 97-105 25950 Inhibitory effects of prolonged vibratory stimulus on the maximal voluntary contraction force and muscle activity of the triceps brachii: An experimental study
  • Shirato R
  • Sakamoto H
  • Sugiyama T
  • Suzuki M
  • Takahashi R
  • Tanaka T
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2019(27:37): 1-7 25896 Muscle energy technique for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: A systematic review
  • Baxter DA
  • Shergis JL
  • Fazalbhoy A
  • Coyle ME
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2019(18:1): 27-32 25829 Leg dominance effect on isokinetic muscle strength of hip joint
  • Abdelmohsen AM
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2019(42:2): 125-131 25777 Relationship between hip extensor strength and back extensor length in patients with low back pain: A cross-sectional study
  • Arab AM
  • Soleimanifar M
  • Nourbakhsh MR
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2019(42:2): 148-158 25780 The effectiveness of spinal manipulation in increasing muscle strength in healthy individuals: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Lo CN
  • Ng J
  • Au CK
  • Lim ECW
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2018(41:7): 621-627 25362 Intrarater and inter-rater reliability of maximal voluntary neck muscle strength assessment using a handheld dynamometer in women with headache and healthy women
  • de Oliveira Carnevalli AP
  • Bevilaqua-Grossi D
  • Sobral Oliveira AI
  • Carvalho GF
  • Fernández-de-las-Peñas C
  • Florencio LL
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2018(17:3): 160-166 25324 Correlation between upper body balance, muscle strength, and power in cricketers belonging to different age groups
  • Singla D
  • Hussain ME
  • Bhati P
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2018(26:31): Online access only 6 p 25246 The role of quadriceps muscle strength in the development of falls in the elderly people, a cross-sectional study
  • Ahmadiahangar A
  • Javadian Y
  • Babaei M
  • Heidari B
  • Hosseini S
  • Aminzadeh M
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2018(41:3): 252-257 25142 Test-retest reliability of handgrip strength as an outcome measure in patients with symptoms of shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Savva C
  • Mougiaris P
  • Xadjimichael C
  • Karagiannis C
  • Efstathiou M
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2018(41:2): 174 25124 Erratum to "Changes in lower limb strength and function following lumbar spinal mobilization" [J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2017;40(8):587-596]
  • Yuen TS
  • Ng J
  • Lam PY
  • Lau MY
  • Siu WL
  • Yu KM
  • Lo CN
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2017(40:8): 587-596 25003 Changes in lower limb strength and function following lumbar spinal mobilization
  • Yuen TS
  • Lam PY
  • Lau MY
  • Siu WL
  • Yu KM
  • Lo CN
  • Ng J
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2017(25:28): Online access only 9 p 24934 Using 4+ to grade near-normal muscle strength does not improve agreement
  • O’Neill S
  • Thomsen Jaszczak SL
  • Søndergaard Steffensen AK
  • Debrabant B
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2016(15:4): 310-313 24621 Combination of hip strengthening and manipulative therapy for the treatment of plantar fasciitis: A case report
  • Santos BD
  • Corrêa LA
  • Santos LT
  • Filho NAM
  • Lemos T
  • Nogueira LAC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2016(39:9): 605-615 24576 Immediate effects of mobilization with movement vs sham technique on range of motion, strength, and function in patients with shoulder impingement syndrome: Randomized clinical trial
  • Guimarães JF
  • Salvini TF
  • Siqueira AL Jr
  • Ribeiro IL
  • Camargo PR
  • Alburquerque-Sendín F
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2015(14:4): 240-248 24262 Effects of lumbosacral manipulation on isokinetic strength of the knee extensors and flexors in healthy subjects: A randomized, controlled, single-blind crossover trial
  • Sanders GD
  • Nitz AJ
  • Abel MG
  • Symons TB
  • Shapiro R
  • Black WS
  • Yates JW
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2015(38:7): 484-492 24155 Evaluation of isokinetic trunk muscle strength in adolescents with normal and abnormal postures
  • Barczyk-Pawelec K
  • Piechura JR
  • Dziubek W
  • Rożek K
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2015(14:1): 24-31 23982 Assessment of consistency between the arm-fossa test and Gillet test: A pilot study
  • Cooperstein R
  • Blum C
  • Cooperstein EC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2015(38:2): 138-144 23920 Electromyographic analysis of training to selectively strengthen the lumbar multifidus muscle: Effects of different lifting directions and weight loading of the extremities during quadruped upper and lower extremity lifts
  • Masaki M
  • Tateuchi H
  • Tsukagoshi R
  • Ibuki S
  • Ichihashi N
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 2014(37:3): 206-210 23325 Test-retest reliability of handgrip strength measurement using a hydraulic hand dynamometer in patients with cervical radiculopathy
  • Savva C
  • Giakas G
  • Efstathiou M
  • Karagiannis C
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Nov-Dec 2013(36:9): 633-643 23126 Association of postural balance and isometric muscle strength in early- and middle-school-age boys
  • Ibrahim AI
  • Muaidi QI
  • Abdelsalam MS
  • Hawamdeh ZM
  • Alhusaini AA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2013(36:7): 444-449 22942 Intrarater reliability of neck strength measurement of rugby union players using a handheld dynamometer
  • Geary K
  • Green BS
  • Delahunt E
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2012(35:5): 381-389 22413 Effects of aerobic endurance, muscle strength, and motor control exercise on physical fitness and musculoskeletal injury rate in preprofessional dancers: An uncontrolled trial
  • Mistiaen W
  • Roussel NA
  • Vissers D
  • Daenen L
  • Truijen S
  • Nijs J
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2012(11:1): 1-6 22242 A case series evaluating the accuracy of manual muscle testing for predicting fetal sex [case report]
  • Peterson KB
  • Peterson CD
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2011(10:3): 157-165 22000 A narrative review of manual muscle testing and implications for muscle testing research [review]
  • Conable KM
  • Rosner AL
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2011(55:3): 183-192 21860 The effect of spinal manipulation on imbalances in leg strength
  • Chilibeck PD
  • Cornish SM
  • Schulte A
  • Jantz N
  • Magnus CRA
  • Schwanbeck S
  • Juurlink BHL
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2010(9:1): 3-10 21008 Intraexaminer comparison of applied kinesiology manual muscle testing of varying durations: A pilot study
  • Conable KM
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2010(33:2): 102-108 20975 Immediate and carryover changes of C5-6 joint mobilization on shoulder external rotator muscle strength
  • Wang SS
  • Meadows J
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 2010(33:2): 109-116 20976 Effects of high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation on strength and the basal tonus of female pelvic floor muscles
  • Nogueira de Almeida BS
  • Sabatino JH
  • Giraldo PC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 2009(32:7): 521-526 20715 Comparison between elderly and young males' lumbopelvic extensor muscle endurance assessed during a clinical isometric back extension test
  • Champagne A
  • Descarreaux M
  • Lafond D
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 1981(4:2): 61-63 25611 Electromyographic analysis following chiropractic manipulation of the cervical spine: A model to study manipulation-induced peripheral muscle changes
  • Rebechini-Zasadny H
  • Tasharski CC
  • Heinze WJ
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Sep 1980(3:3): 155-161 25745 The effect of oral administration of refined sugar on muscle strength
  • Rybeck CH
  • Swenson R
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar 1980(3:1): 7-12 25659 Vitamin E supplementation and changes in strength and other fitness parameters
  • Brown BS
  • Jolley W
  • Andre J
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