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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2021(29:52): 1-17 26961 Risk factors for low back pain in active military personnel: A systematic review
  • To D
  • Rezai M
  • Murnaghan K
  • Cancelliere C
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Aug 2021(65:2): 193-206 26846 Neuromuscular exercises on pain intensity, functional disability, proprioception, and balance of military personnel with chronic low back pain [randomized controlled trial] / [Des exercices neuromusculaires pour réduire l’intensité de la douleur, diminuer l’incapacité fonctionnelle et améliorer la proprioception et l’équilibre chez les militaires aux prises avec la lombalgie chronique]
  • Alvani E
  • Shirvani H
  • Shamsoddini A
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Apr 2021(65:1): 14-31 26761 When boundaries blur — exploring healthcare providers’ views of chiropractic interprofessional care and the Canadian Forces Health Services / [Frontières imprécises: examen des soins interprofessionnels chiropratiques du point de vue de professionnels de la santé et des services de santé des Forces armées canadiennes]
  • Vogel E
  • Mior SA
  • Sutton D
  • Côté P
  • French S
  • Nordin M
  • Laporte A
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jul 2019(42:6): 399-406 25921 Retrospective review: Effectiveness of cervical proprioception retraining for dizziness after mild traumatic brain injury in a military population with abnormal cervical proprioception
  • Hammerle M
  • Swan AA
  • Nelson JT
  • Treleaven JM
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2019(27:45): Online access only 19 p 25873 Chiropractic services in the active duty military setting: A scoping review [review]
  • Mior S
  • Sutton D
  • To D
  • Cancelliere C
  • French S
  • Taylor-Vaisey A
  • Côté P
J Contemp Chiropr: 2018(1:1): 9-13 25511 Patient disability: A case for the detrimental effects of patient education [case report]
  • Hinkeldey N
  • Peters J
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2018(26:40): Online access only 5 p 25332 Post-infectious ankylosis of the cervical spine in an army veteran: A case report
  • Cupler ZA
  • Anderson MT
  • Stefanowicz ET
  • Warshel CD
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2017(16:3): 246-251 25041 Thoracic spondylodiscitis epidural abscess in an afebrile navy veteran: A case report
  • Cupler ZA
  • Anderson MT
  • Stancik TJ
Nutr Perspect: Apr 2015(38:2): 5-9 24025 Effective nutritional program to treat burnout/resiliency/PTSD in military personnel [Part 2]
  • Zodkoy S
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2014(13:4): 260-265 23871 Chiropractic care of a patient with neurogenic heterotopic ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament after traumatic brain injury: A case report [case report]
  • Morgan WE
  • Morgan CP
Nutr Perspect: Jul 2014(37:3): 22-26 23598 An effective nutritional program to treat burnout/resiliency/PTSD in military personnel
  • Zodkoy S
Top Integr Health Care: 2014(5:2): Online access only 12 p 23559 Research. Supportive pad impact on upper extremity blood flow while wearing a military backpack
  • Ward J
  • Coats J
  • Murphy B
  • Devers S
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2012(35:8): 622-628 22590 Prevalence of modic changes in active duty military men with lumbar disk herniation who were scheduled for surgery
  • Vredeveld T
  • Teitsma XM
  • Mert A
  • Van der Wurff P
JACA Online: Mar 2011(48:2): Online access only p 6-7 21730 Back pain: Still more questions than answers
  • Dougherty P
Ann Vert Sublux Res: Apr 2010(2010:): Online access only 5 p 22393 Case study. Improvement in a soldier with urinary urgency and low back pain undergoing chiropractic care: A case study and selective review of the literature [case report; review]
  • Fedorchuk C
  • Campbell C
JACA Online: Jul 2010(47:5): Online access only p 7-11 21446 DCs on the front line: Identifying and helping the suicidal patient
  • Crawford M
J Vert Sublux Res: 2010(Apr:28): Online access only 5 p 21202 Improvement in a soldier with urinary urgency and low back pain undergoing chiropractic care: A case study and selective review of the literature [case report]
  • Fedorchuk C
  • Campbell C
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Jun 2010(54:2): 92-99 21109 Conservative management of uncomplicated mechanical neck pain in a military aviator [case report]
  • Green BN
  • Dunn AS
  • Pearce SM
  • Johnson CD
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2010(9:1): 17-21 21010 Resolution of low back and radicular pain in a 40-year-old male United States Navy Petty Officer after collaborative medical and chiropractic care [case report]
  • Lillie GR
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2009(53:3): 194-204 20693 Chiropractic practice in military and veterans health care: The state of the literature [review]
  • Green BN
  • Johnson CD
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2009(8:3): 125-130 20676 Chiropractic management of mechanical low back pain secondary to multiple-level lumbar spondylolysis with spondylolisthesis in a United States Marine Corps veteran: A case report
  • Dunn AS
  • Baylis S
  • Ryan D
ICA Rev: Spring 2009(65:1): 21-23 20544 ICA calls on DCs nationwide to participate in volunteer program for returning veterans
ICA Rev: Spring 2008(64:1): 17 20274 Legislative update: Resolutions calling for military commissions for DCs introduced in both House and Senate
ICA Rev: Spring 2008(64:1): 23 20277 Dear ICA doctors
  • Kelly RJ
BMC Musculoskel Disord: 2007(8:92): Online access only 19981 Rationale, design, and protocol for the prevention of low back pain in the military (POLM) trial (NCT00373009) [randomized controlled trial]
  • George SZ
  • Childs JD
  • Teyhen DS
  • Wu SS
  • Wright AC
  • Dugan JL
  • Robinson ME
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2006(29:8): 619-625 19271 Coping and back problems: A prospective observational study of Danish military recruits
  • Leboeuf-Yde C
  • Larsen K
J Chiropr Educ: Fall 2006(20:2): 115-122 19247 Department of Defense chiropractic internships: A survey of internship participants and nonparticipants
  • Dunn AS
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2002(25:5): 326-331 15793 Can custom-made biomechanic shoe orthoses prevent problems in the back and lower extremities? A randomized, controlled intervention trial of 146 military conscripts
  • Leboeuf-Yde C
  • Larsen K
  • Weidich F
Chiropr Econ: Oct 1998(40:11): 38-41 1046 Military chiropractic economics
  • Armstrong OK
Todays Chiropr: Nov-Dec 1995(24:6): 46-54 3862 Chiropractic on the front line in Ecuador
  • Peterson J
Todays Chiropr: Mar-Apr 1995(24:2): 112 4519 Logan College of Chiropractic
Todays Chiropr: Jan-Feb 1995(24:1): 104-107 4653 A matter of honor
  • Hofmann JA
Okla Chiropr J: Summer 1990(2:3): 7 9280 CONGRESS TO CONSIDER DCS IN MILITARY
Okla Chiropr J: Summer 1990(2:3): 15 9283 CHAMPUS COVERS CHIROPRACTIC CARE IN 2 TEST STATES
  • Nelson SS
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