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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2019(63:3): 171-177 26090 Clinical presentation of an adolescent female synchronized swimmer with a simple bone cyst in the proximal humerus: A case report / [Présentation clinique d’une adolescente pratiquant la natation synchronisée avec un kyste osseux essentiel dans l’humérus proximal : Un rapport de cas]
  • Savic M
  • Lee A
  • Hook A
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2017(61:3): Online access only p 269–276 25109 Ganglion cyst of the wrist treated with electroacupuncture: A case report / [Un kyste ganglionnaire du poignet traité par électroacupuncture : exposé de cas]
  • Kissel JA
  • Wong C
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2016(60:3): Online access only p 263–265 24560 Imaging Case Review. Sciatic neuralgia associated with a perineural (Tarlov) cyst [case report]
  • Emary PC
  • Taylor JA
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2014(13:1): 62-66 23393 Aneurysmal bone cyst presenting as a pathologic fracture in a 12-year-old football player [case report]
  • Welk AB
  • Kettner NW
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2013(57:4): 310–315 23161 Ganglion cyst of the foot treated with electroacupuncture: A case report [case report]
  • Woitzik E
  • Kissel J
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2011(55:4): 294-301 22096 Intraosseous ganglion cyst of the humeral head in a competitive flat water paddler: Case report
  • Muir B
  • Kissel JA
  • Forand Yedon D
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2011(10:3): 166-172 22001 Chiropractic management of work-related upper limb disorder complicated by intraosseous ganglion cysts: A case report
  • Crafts GJ
  • Snow GJ
  • Ngoc KH
Chiropr J Aust: Sep 2010(40:3): 100-102 21422 Serious neurogenic pain presenting as psychogenic pain: A case report
  • Parker G
  • Smoll N
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Dec 2009(53:4): 334-338 20852 Ganglion cyst on the posterior cruciate ligament: A case report
  • Durante JA
Clin Chiropr: Sep 2008(11:3): 164-169 20371 Case challenge. Chronic low back pain with previous disc lesion: Discussion [case report]
  • Haran A
  • Lardon A
  • Wessely M
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 2007(11:1): 8-13 20553 Aneurysmal bone cyst: A classic presentation in a pregnant patient: a case report
  • Poirier JN
JACA Online: Dec 2007(44:9): Online access only p 7-9 19905 Tarlov's cysts: an overview of a common space-occupying lesion of the spine and its characteristics on MRI
  • Morgan W
  • Tiplady N
eJ Acad Chiropr Orthoped: Jun 2007(4:2): Online access only p. [11-14] 19620 Arachnoid cyst: A case report
  • Mick T
Clin Chiropr: Jun 2007(10:2): 112-116 19567 Late onset, post-traumatic shoulder pain: Case discussion [case report]
  • Wessely MA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Oct 2005(28:8): 633-636 18493 Pathological cervical fracture after spinal manipulation in a pregnant patient
  • Schmitz A
  • Lutterbey G
  • Von Engelhardt L
  • Von Falkenhausen M
  • Stoffel M
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 1999(7:1): 18-22 754 Lateral meniscal cyst: Knee pain in an active athlete
  • Brink DK
  • Rich JA
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Feb 1997(20:2): 108-112 2664 Magnetic resonance spin echo and fast field echo imaging of aneurysmal bone cyst: Comparison with x-ray and computed tomography
  • Pierre-Jerome C
  • Roug IK
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 1994(2:1): 17-22 5634 INTRADURAL ARACHNOID CYST
  • Fika GW
  • True JM
Top Diagn Radiol Adv Imaging: 1993(1:3): 17-19 6491 SIMPLE BONE CYST OF THE CALCANEUS
  • Gould SJ
  • Hosler BK
  • Skiles BM
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar-Apr 1993(16:3): 182-184 6261 Aneurysmal bone cyst of the hand [case report]
  • Bogar WC
CRJ: 1992(2:2): 5-14 7498 Plain film and MRI findings in a case of euthyroid goiter with cyst [case report]
  • Holt FJ
  • Kent C
  • Farris D
  • Pokras R
  • Smith L
DC Tracts: Apr 1990(2:2): 90-91 9158 LUMBAR SYNOVIAL CYSTS [ANALYSIS BY HENRY G. WEST, JR.]
  • Eyster EF
  • Scott WR
J Chiropr: Oct 1989(26:10): 81-82 9731 SUPRA-HYOID THYROGLOSSAL CYST: A CASE STUDY
  • Fitch OA
  • Kettner NW
  • Shorten JH
Chiropr Sports Med: Jun 1988(2:2): 33-44 11352 SIMPLE BONE CYSTS IN ATHLETES
  • Brandt JR
  • Rowe LJ
J Chiropr: May 1987(24:5): 77-78 12516 ARACHNOID CYST
  • Batenchuk B
  • Thompson JR
J Chiropr: Jul 1987(24:7): 69-71 12342 ANEURYSMAL BONE CYST
  • Grilliot JR
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Mar 1987(31:1): 27-29 12664 Primary benign tumors in chiropractic practice and the importance of x-ray diagnosis: A report of two cases [case report]
  • Pelletier JC
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Mar 1986(9:1): 23-26 13492 Diagnosis of perineurial arachnoid cysts using computed tomography: Technical and clinical considerations
  • Foreman SM
  • Centeno R
  • Kerber CW
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Dec 1981(4:4): 187-190 25655 Aneurysmal bone cyst of the lumbar spine: A case report
  • Fox RB
  • Sandman KB
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