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Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
Asia-Pac Chiropr J: 2020(1:): 1-7 26339 The reason for remembering significant people: The story of Mary Ann Chance and why our profession is what it is in Australia today
  • Peters R
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2018(38:2): 43-53 25395 Chiropractic history in New York State, 1960-2005: Recollections of a 40-year New York State Chiropractic Association member, officer and committee chair
  • Gantner JH
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2017(37:2): 13-24 25075 Co-operation is better than confrontation: An interview with Dr. Michael Howitt Wilson [interview]
  • Wilson FJH
Chiropr J Aust: 2016(44:2): Online access only p 142-163 24485 Chiropractic hospital appointments in Australia – An international comparison
  • Rome PL
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2013(33:1): 6 22978 Notes from (and to) the Editor ... [editorial, letter, comment]
  • Troyanovich SJ
  • Parker S
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2013(33:1): 10-27 22980 David S. Walther, DC, DIBAK: Scholar, researcher, politician and teacher
  • Cuthbert S
  • Markham B
  • Blaich R
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2013(32:2): 30-33 22698 Wilson Joseph Robb, D.C., pioneer Kansas chiropractor
  • Callender AK
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2011(31:1): 19-34 21845 The Kennedy clan of inquisitive chiropractors: 1911-2010
  • Brown DM
J Can Chiropr Assoc: Sep 2010(54:3): 187-199 21368 The West Family chiropractic dynasty: Celebrating a century of accomplishment in Canada - Part I: Archibald B. West, DC, Samuel H. West, DC and Stephen E. West, DC: The founding father, his son and grandson
  • Brown DM
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2009(29:2): 21-27 21096 Chiropractic in Alabama--the growing years: An historical chronology, 1975-1984
  • Hug PR
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2009(29:2): 61-63 21100 First-person reminiscences: Logan College of Chiropractic
  • Kennedy AOH
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2009(29:1): 35-46 20949 Chiropractic in Alabama--the beginning years: An historical chronology through 1956
  • Hug PR
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2009(29:1): 9-15 20946 Waldo G. Poehner, DC, DACBR: A force for progressiveness
  • Young KJ
  • Keating JC Jr
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2008(28:2): 39-43 20741 Chiropractic and South Dakota [interview]
  • Wolf WB
  • Winkler KP
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2008(28:2): 59-60 20743 A Touching Story, author: Dr. Erwin Ortman. Canistota, South Dakota: The Canistota Clipper, 1985 (2nd revision 2000) [book review]
  • Hankins JR
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2008(28:2): 93-98 20747 Henry Eyring Turley: A Texas-sized life
  • Young KJ
  • Keating JC Jr
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2008(28:1): 61-68 20407 Chiropractors' legal status in Missouri: it mattered who you knew
  • Keating JC Jr
ICA Rev: Summer/Fall 2008(64:2): 15-16 20295 Presidents message: Paying the price [editorial]
  • Maltby JK
ICA Rev: Spring 2006(62:1): 43-49 18992 A journey of 50+ years
  • Gallagher WB
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2004(24:1): 29-33 16470 WEIANT IN MEXICO: A 1921 REPORT
  • Keating JC Jr
  • Howell CC Jr
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2003(23:1): 29-32 16749 DR. JOHN Q. THAXTON: THE RUDDER OF THE ICA SHIP
  • Russell EG
Chiropr Hist: Winter 2003(23:2): 37-44 16455 DR. HAROLD HELSLEY: AN ORAL HISTORY
  • Smoot R
Chiropr Hist: Summer 2001(21:1): 71-78 16352 W.W. Devore, D.C., 1920-1998, chiropractic research pioneer and advocate
  • Devore JW
Chiropr Hist: Jun 2000(20:1): 3-5 16260 Notes from the editor [Editorial]
  • Willis JC
Chiropr J Aust: Mar 1998(28:1): 1 1574 We may never pass this way again [editorial]
  • Chance MA
  • Peters RE
Chiropr J Aust: Mar 1998(28:1): 20 1581 James William Parker: 12 September 1920- 7 November 1997
  • Peters RE
Chiropr J Aust: Mar 1998(28:1): 21 1582 FELIX GERHARD BAUER: 6 DECEMBER 1915 - 29 DECEMBER 1997.
  • Chance MA
Chiropr J Aust: Mar 1998(28:1): 22 1583 Francis Berhard McLeod: 20 September 1931 - 6 January 1998
  • Chance MA
Chiropr J Aust: Mar 1998(28:1): 23 1584 GEORGE EMMET ANDERSON.
Chiropr J Aust: Jun 1998(28:2): 72 1376 Irene Lillian Evans: 1914-1998
Chiropr J Aust: Jun 1998(28:2): 72 1377 Alan Plint: 1937-1998
Chiropr J Aust: Jun 1998(28:2): 73 1378 Kenneth Lindsay Morgan: 1936-1998
Chiropr Hist: 1982(2:1): 7-12 23029 The Social Anthropology of Chiropractic in Washington, D.C.: Project DC/DC
  • Alloway WJ
  • Ronkin ME
Chiropr Hist: 1982(2:1): 15-19 23030 Chiropractic in American History: The Ins and Outs of Museums
  • Anderson RA
Chiropr Hist: 1981(1:1): 43-45 20056 Honoring the founder in his country: Conception and struggle for Canada's Memorial College
  • Lee HK
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