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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Journal ID Article Title Author(s)
J Chiropr Med: Sep 2021(20:3): 158-162 27351 Cauda equina syndrome following lumbar disc herniation at L5-S1: A case report
  • Bodalia RT
  • Bogar WC
  • Rivera-Melo H
J Chiropr Educ: Oct 2021(35:2): 205-208 26954 Use of videos to teach basic science concepts in a doctor of chiropractic training program
  • Shaw KM
  • Rabatsky A
J Contemp Chiropr: 2021(4:1): 1-7 26625 The effect of COVID phases on basic life support objective structured clinical examinations (OSCES) with chiropractic students
  • Murdock ME
J Contemp Chiropr: 2021(4:1): 8-11 26626 Diagnosis of multiple sensory neuropathies via electrodiagnostic examination following a small animal bite [case report]
  • Vera LC
  • Thomas ST
  • Kingsley A
Chiropr & Manual Ther: 2020(28:26): Online access only 4 p 26188 Chiropractic students call for action against unsubstantiated claims
  • Plener J
  • Csiernik B
  • Bejarano G
  • Hjertstrand J
  • Goodall B
J Contemp Chiropr: 2020(3:1): 7-13 26167 The effect of spinal manipulation as complementary therapy for Parkinson’s disease symptomatology: A literature review
  • Norkus S
  • Ryan S
J Contemp Chiropr: 2020(3:1): 57-59 26235 Low back pain with incidental teratoma [case report]
  • Murdock M
  • Norkus S
J Contemp Chiropr: 2020(3:1): 92-100 26394 Designing tests from question pools with efficiency, reliability, and integrity
  • Murdock M
  • Brenneman M
J Contemp Chiropr: 2020(3:1): 143-146 26624 Chiropractic care and rehabilitation combined with myofascial release for a patient with a Harrington rod fusion of C7-T12: A case report
  • Hodges JR
  • Lucente M
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2019(18:4): 317-320 26370 Chronic high hamstring tendinopathy and sacroiliac segmental dysfunction in a mature tae kwon do athlete: A case study [case report]
  • Moore A
  • Sergent A
J Chiropr Med: Dec 2019(18:4): 343-347 26374 Improved performance after gluteus complex activation in a CrossFit athlete presenting with knee pain [case report]
  • Shaw T
  • Sergent A
J Chiropr Educ: Oct 2019(33:2): 106-110 26056 Influence of an educational review sheet on chiropractic students' evaluation and management coding performance: A randomized trial
  • Sergent A
  • Roecker CB
  • Cofano G
J Chiropr Educ: Oct 2019(33:2): 133-139 26067 Predicting stress and test anxiety among 1st-year chiropractic students
  • Zhang N
  • Henderson CNR
J Manipulative Physiol Ther: Jun 2018(41:5): 363-371 25248 Motor neuron excitability attenuation as a sequel to lumbosacral manipulation in subacute low back pain patients and asymptomatic adults: A cross-sectional H-reflex study
  • Dishman JD
  • Burke JR
  • Dougherty P
J Chiropr Med: Mar 2018(17:1): 63-67 25150 Rehabilitation of tibial plateau fracture following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A case report
  • Rabatsky A
  • Lockenour JD
J Acad Chiropr Orthoped (JACO): Jun 2017(14:2): Online access only p 32-37 25482 Abdominal aortic aneurysm and spinal manipulation, an absolute contraindication? A review of the literature
  • Sergent A
  • Bowyer H
J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res: Spring 2014(2014:2): 17-22 23549 Evidence-based chiropractic using functional assessments in an upper cervical model: A retrospective analysis
  • Shreeve MW
  • Franklin M
J Upper Cervical Chiropr Res: Fall 2013(2013:4): 71-76 23207 Resolution of tic disorder in an 8-year old boy following the Grostic Technique: A case report [case report]
  • Shreeve MW
  • Momplaisir F
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