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Monday, April 15, 2024
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ID 25297
  Title ECU [European Chiropractors' Union] convention 2018 congress proceedings [4th February 2018, Budapest, Hungary]
Journal Chiropr & Manual Ther. 2018 ;26 (Suppl 1)(44):Online access only 12 p
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

Oral Presentations:

O-01 Short or long-term treatment of spinal disability in older adults with manipulation and exercise: a randomized clinical trial [by] Michele Maiers, Jan Hartvigsen, Roni Evans, Kristine Westrom, Qi Wang, Craig Schulz, Gert Bronfort
O-02 Capturing movement patterns in children using a novel 3d motion capture approach [by] Steen Harsted, Anders Holsgaard-Larsen, Lise Hestbæk, Eleanor Boyle, Henrik Hein Lauridsen
O-03 Effectiveness of spinal manipulative therapy for chronic low back pain: results from an individual participant data meta-analysis [by]  A. de Zoete, S.M. Rubinstein, M.R. de Boer, M.W. van Tulder, M. Underwood, J.A. Hayden, L. Buffart, R. Osteloand the Back Pain IPD consortium*
O-04 Is effectiveness of Chiropractic Maintenance Care moderated by psychological profile? A secondary analysis of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial [by] Andreas Eklund, Irene Jensen, Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, Alice Kongsted, Iben Axén
O-05 Motor control and musculoskeletal health in kindergarten children [by] Henrik H. Lauridsen, Steen Harsted, Lise Hestbæk
O-06 Migraine and Tension-Type Headache in former colicky babies treated by chiropractors: a prospective cohort study [by] Jan Hoeve, Kathrine Sund
O-07 Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in clinical practice for non-malignant pain: a realist review and theoretical framework [by] Michelle M. Holmes, Felicity L. Bishop, David Newell, Jonathan Field
O-08 A comparison of the effectiveness of manual therapy, exercise, and medical intervention for the reduction of subjective symptoms of dizziness in adult patients with cervicogenic dizziness: a systematic review and meta-analysis [by] Marc W. Sanders, David Newell, Johan Ramsoskar, Kim D. Kristiansen, Greg Pearse, Trym Buvarp, George Rix
O-09 How much pain reduction matters for neck pain patients undergoing chiropractic treatment? [by] B. Wirth, C. Schäfer, B.K. Humphrey, C. Peterson, P. Schweinhardt
O-10 A tale of two specialities: comparing the development of radiology in chiropractic and medicine [by] Kenneth J. Young (
O-11 Chiropractic care as a richly contextual package: contemporary challenges and opportunities in undergraduate curriculum [by] David Byfield, Alister DuRose, David Newell

Poster Presentations:

P-04 The “Hydrapractic” Initiative: innovative and immersive learning for chiropractic students, using police and emergency services training tools [by]
Danny Clegg, Dean Whitcombe
P-05 Since Panjabi’s seminal 1992 papers, how have studies that combine lumbar kinematic and muscle activity measurements improved understanding of sub-system interactions? A systematic review [by] Alister du Rose
P-06 Motor skills in PreSchool (MiPS): study protocol for a cohort study of Danish preschool children with a nested RCT [by] Lise Hestbaek, Sarah T. Jensen, Thomas Skovgaard, Line G. Olesen, Mette Elmose, Dorthe Bleses, Simon C. Andersen, Henrik H. Lauridsen
P-07 Chiropractors’ views on the use of patient-reported outcome measures in clinical practice [by] Michelle M. Holmes, Felicity L. Bishop, David Newell, Jonathan Field
P-08 Back Complaints in Elders (BACE): a prospective, longitudinal analysis of older people with low-back pain in chiropractic care [by] Alan Jenks, Sidney Rubinstein, Iben Axen, Jonathan Field, David Newell, Trynke Hoekstra, Jan Hartvigsen, Bart Koes , Maurits Van Tulder And The Bace Consortium
P-09 An initial investigation of the use and understanding of the terms [by] Troy Magowan, Peter McCarthy
P-10 Incidence of intersegmental cervical joint motion dysfunction in patients with Tinnitus as their co-morbidity [by] Peter McCarthy, Manuel Cabrera
P-11 A novel approach to improving breastfeeding rates and enhancing clinical education: a mixed-methods investigation of a student-led interprofessional breastfeeding clinic
[by] Amy Miller
P-12 Is there an association between birth type and area of musculoskeletal complaint in the neonate? [by] Amy Miller
P-13 Self-reports of spinal stiffness compared to physical measures of spinal stiffness [by] Jones Nielsen, Casper Nim, Søren O'Neill, Jan Hartvigsen, Greg Kawchuk
P-14 Effects of chiropractic manipulation on subchondral bone status, cartilage and synovial membrane in an experimental model of osteoarthritis in rabbits [by] Arantxa Ortega-De Mues, Francisco Miguel Conesa, Ricardo Fujikawa, Arancha Mediero, Paula Gratal, Francisca Mulero, Gabriel Herrero-Beaumont, Raquel Largo
P-15 The use of Facebook as a formative peer assessment tool [by] Jacqueline Rix
P-16 Comparison of HVLA lumbosacral manipulation and sham manipulation on running time and horizontal jump among amateur soccer players [by] Resat Coskun, Bülent Aksoy, Doruk Turhan, Mehmet Toprak
P-17 Assessment of immediate effects of sacroiliac joint manipulation on hamstring muscle strength [by] Mehmet Toprak, Dilber Coskunsu, Doruk Turhan, Resat Coskun
P-18 Neck function in male rugby league athletes: a comparison of age and professionalism [by] Bianca Zietsman, Fatma Bosnina, Niall Tilley, Pia Helminen, Daniel Morgan, Peter McCarthy
P-19 Elite male athletes: comparative study of neck function (ACROM) [by] Bianca Zietsman, Chirstopher Bagsworth, Niall Tilley, Pia Helminen, Daniel Morgan, Peter McCarthy

Publication of this supplement was funded by the European Academy of Chiropractic, a subcommittee of the European Chiropractors' Union. The full abstracts of the oral and poster presentations are available through the above link.


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