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Thursday, July 9, 2020
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ID 24844
  Title Poster presentation abstracts [presented at the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) 2017, part of DC 2017, Washington DC, March 15-18]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2017 Mar;31(1):48-83
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

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A scoping review of the literature on functioning and disability in manual medicine using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) [by] Ellen Aartun, Hainan Yu, Pierre Cote
Characteristics of Australian chiropractors treating athletes: Results from a practice based research network [by] Jon Adams, Romy Lauche, Katie DeLuca, Michael Swain, Wenbo Peng, David Sibbritt
Detecting publication bias in chiropractic clinical research [by] Medhat Alattar
The relationship between the quality of life of chiropractors and their sense of coherence [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Junjoe Alcantara
The physical and mental impact of neurogenic claudication: the patients' perspective [by] Carlo Ammendolia, Michael Schneider, Kelly Williams, Susan Zickmund, Megan Hamm, Kent Stuber, Christy Tomkins-Lane, Y. Raja Rampersaud
Anatomy gross I palpation review video feasibility and usage [by] Karen Anthony, Michael Oppelt, Tom Brozovich, Michael VanNatta
Spinal arteriovenous malformation mimicking acute transverse myelitis: A case study [by] Christopher Arick, Heather Miley
Assessment of cultural competence and attitudes among chiropractic students [by] Jason Bartlett, Jon Wilson, Rebecca Wates, Mark Pfefer
Progression of solitary bone plasmacytoma to multiple myeloma in a 27-year-old male with low back pain [by] Patrick Battaglia, Daniel Haun, Mero Nunez, Norman Kettner
CMRT and acupuncture in the treatment of dysmenorrhea (oligomenorhea): A case report [by] Christine Benner, Charles Blum
Epidemiology, diagnosis, risk factors and conservative treatment of paediatric stroke: A literature review [by] Jean Philippe Berube, Jean-Phillipe Caron, Veronique Lavergne, Chantal Doucet
Effectiveness of TheraBand kinesiology tape on low back pain patients' pain and disability [by] Barton Bishop, Jay Greenstein, Jena Etnoyer-Slaski, Robert Topp
Association between the type of first healthcare provider and the duration of financial compensation for occupational back pain [by] Marc-Andre Blanchette, Michele Rivard, Clermont Dionne, Sheila Hogg-Johnson, Ivan Steenstra
Chiropractic care of a 30-year-old male patient presenting with cervical spine disc replacement surgery with complications: a case report [by] Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum
Chiropractic as part of an interdisciplinary team for the care of a patient with an orbital pseudotumor: A case report [by] Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum
B6 hypervitaminosis during pregnancy with neurological symptoms: A case report [by] Charles Blum
Chiropractic conservative care of a patient presenting with carpal tunnel syndrome: A case report [by] Charles Blum
Effect of spinal manipulative therapy on mechanical pain sensitivity in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain: a randomized, controlled trial [by] Bryan Bond, Christopher Kinslow, Adam Yoder, Wen Liu
Self-perceived confidence of chiropractic student interns managing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A student survey [by] Beatrice Borges, Lisa Rubin
Relief of neurological symptoms secondary to surgical removal of thoracic astrocytoma and laminectomy by category I block placement: a case report [by] William Boro
The impact of collaborative testing on test anxiety [by] Breanne Bovee
Incidental finding of sinus mucus retention cyst in a chiropractic teaching clinic [by] Heather Bowyer, Ryan Funderburk, Matthew Richardson
The complex decision-making that radiographic findings require. A secondary analysis of older adults with low back pain screened for a randomized controlled trial [by] James Boysen, Zacariah Shannon, Yasmeen Khan, Breanne BOvee, Robert Vining
Swimming and chiropractic adjustment effects in an animal model of osteopenia [by] Francielle Braz Oliveira da Silva, Sergio Inacio Rech, Gunther Gehlen, Danniel Facchini
The health and injury profile of adult Australian competitive surfers [by] Andrew Burgess, Michael Swain, Reidar Lystad
Does a visual teaching guide to Upper Cervical Specific technique improve retention in chiropractic students when compared to a written teaching guide? [by] Alice Cade, Graham Dobson, Matthew Sherson, Kelly Holt, Heidi Haavik
Shoe orthotics for the treatment of chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial[ by] Jerrilyn Cambron, Jennifer Dexheimer, Manuel Duarte, Sally Freels
Atypical presentation of hemiparesis following a paediatric stroke: A case report [by] Jean-Philippe Caron, Jean-Philippe Berube, Veronique Lavergne, Chantal Doucet
Alleviating pudendal neuralgia pain and symptoms with super pulsed laser therapy [by] Christopher Carraway, Douglas Johnson, Robin Schumacher
Super pulsed laser therapy for the amelioration of migraine headaches and associated pain [by] Christopher Carraway, Douglas Johnson, Robin Schumaker
Latent class regression analysis for clustering stiffness curves: An exploratory analysis [by] Yolanda Casciaro, Gregory Kawchuk, Narashima Prasad
Improvement in post-concussion symptoms in 3 female patients utilizing the NUCCA procedure after failed management with high velocity low amplitude manipulation [by] Jonathan Chung
Diagnosis and referral of a 26-year-old female with dysmenorrhea due to teratomas [by] Diane Clark, Matthew Richardson, Bridget Edkin
Multi-level histopathological analysis of an ovine cervical spine intervertebral disc degeneration model [by] Christopher Colloca, Julia Kuliwaba, Brian Freeman, Robert Gunzburg, Mostafa Hegazy, Richard Hinrichs
Comparison of chiropractic student values between digital and manual inclinometer mensuration of the spine [by] Karima Cooper, Joseph Guagliardo
Improving data literacy and understanding of experimental design in a chiropractic technique laboratory class [by] Robert Cooperstein
Two clinically contrasting cases of ankylosing spondylitis [by] Stacey Cornelson, Allison Harvey, David Beavers, Norman Kettner
Appropriateness of spinal manipulation/mobilization for chronic low back pain: systematic review [by] Ian Coulter, Eric Hurwitz, Howard Vernon, Cindy Crawford, Raheleh Khorsan, Margaret Whitley, Marika Booth
A Case-series of patients with musculoskeletal conditions presenting to a World Spine Care Clinic in Moca, Dominican Republic [by] Sophia da Silva-Oolup, Margareta Nordin, Pierre Cote, Paula Stern, Geoff Outerbridge
The relationship between spinal pain and comorbidity: a cross-sectional analysis of 579 community-dwelling, older Australian women [by] Katie DeLuca, Lynne Parkinson, Scott Haldeman, Julie Byles, Fiona Blyth
Use of shoe orthotics within Illinois chiropractic physicians' offices [by] Jennifer Dexheimer, Abdulla Hafid, Manuel Duarte, Jerrilyn Cambron
Atypical presentation of cervical myelopathy in a chiropractic practice [by] Robert Donkin
The quality of life of chiropractic students using the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System [by] Brian Dooley, John Hart, Joel Alcantara
Expression of a neurogenic inflammation marker at a neurosegmentally linked joint in rats exposed to lumbar facet joint injury [by] Felipe C. K. Duarte, Derek Zwambag, Stephan Brown, Andrea Clark, Mark Hurtig, John Srebely
Palpatory acuity among chiropractic students and experienced chiropractors [by] Jens Duehr, Imran Khan Niazi, Rasmus Wiberg, Lisa Baptista, David Russell, Heidi Haavik, Kelly Holt
Student exam performance: lecture versus e-learning [by] Nadine Ellul, David Starmer
Management of back pain-related disorders in a community with limited access to health care services: a case for introducing chiropractors as service providers [by] Peter Emary, Amy Brown, Doug Cameron, Alex Pessoa, Jennifer Bolton
A novel method for assessing the risk of developing adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - the Scoliscreen pilot trial [by] Roger Engel, Peter Anderson
Spinal manipulation for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – strategy for developing a body of evidence [by] Roger Engel, Subramanyam Vemulpad
Inter-examiner reliability for identifying the first large lower cervical spinous process [by] Susan Esposito, Linda Mullin Elkens, Ronald Hosek, Nicole Poirier, Frederick Sherkel, Bridgette Kinard
Trauma induced severe refractory motion sickness disorder treated with sacro occipital technique, applied kinesiology, and cranial chiropractic care: A case report [by] Vincent Esposito, Sr., Vincent Esposito, Jrs., Charles Blum
Is this back pain killing me? All-cause and cardiovascular specific mortality in older Danish twins with spinal pain [by] Matt Fernandez, Eleanor Boyle, Jan Hartvigsen, Manuela Ferreira, Kathryn Refshauge, Chris Maher, Kaare Christensen, John Hooper, Paulo Ferreira
Chiropractic management of a 6-month-old male with deformational plagiocephaly, facial asymmetry, delayed constriction, and abdominal rigidity [by] Melissa Ferranti, Brittany Anastasio, Christopher Varnum
Management of a 7- year- old competitive cheerleader with an acute isthmic spondylolisthesis [by] Melissa Ferranti, Michelle Gingras, Cheney Brinkley
Experiences with online incident reporting and learning using Chiropractic Patient Incident Reporting and Learning System [by] Rob Finch, Jatinder Benepal
Queen's Chiropractic Practice Based Research Network: preliminary results [by] Simon French, Peter Beliveau
Description of musculoskeletal extremity complaints in children and adolescents: A systematic review [by] Signe Fuglkjaer, Kristina Boe Dissing, Lise Hestbaek
Spinal tissue loading created during spinal manipulative therapy applied by different methods [by] Martha Funabashi, Francois Nougarou, Martin Descarraux, Narashima Prasad, Greg Kawchuk
Preliminary findings from an active surveillance reporting system among chiropractors [by] Martha Funabashi, Katherine Pohlman, Silvano Mior, Haymo Thiel, J. David Cassidy, Michael Westway, Jerome Yager, Eric Hurwitz, Greg Kawchuk, Maeve O'Beirne, Sunita Vohra
The interaction between spinal manipulative therapy input parameters on the loading characteristics of spinal segments [by] Martha Funabashi, Francois Nougarou, Martin Descarraux, Narashima Passad, Greg Kawchuk
Comparison of two lumbar manual therapies on temporal summation of pain in healthy volunteers [by] Charles Gay, Mark Bishop
Improvements of pain, disability and quality of life following chiropractic care for back pain [by] Filip Geden, Viktor Dansk, Tobias Sundberg, Kristina Burdstrom
The interpersonal processes of care experienced by patients in a chiropractic teaching clinic [by] Tate Gentile, Brian Dooley, Joel Alcantara
Anterior thoracic adjusting and the relationship to cervical flexion: a retrospective case study of twenty-four patients [by] Harvey Getzoff, Charles Blum
Students' perception of changes made to the testing of psychomotor (technique) skills during the 2015-16 academic year at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College [by] Brian Gleberzon, Dominic Guiliano
Toward a standardized chiropractic technique program: consensus results of two inter-collegiate workshops [by] Brian Gleberzon, Christopher Roecker, Christopher Good, Charles Blum, Robert Cooperstein
Association of biopsychosocial factors with back pain in adult Americans [by] Bart Green, Claire Johnson, Jeff Snodgrass, Monica Smith, Patricia Risica
The effect of TheraBand kinesiology tape on post-manipulation neck pain and range of motion [by] Jay Greenstein, Jena Etnoyer-Slaski, Barton Bishop, Robert Topp, Phil Page
Effectiveness of Biofreeze on shoulder pain and in-office exercise performance: A preliminary pilot study [by] Jay Greenstein, Jena Etnoyer-Slaski, Barton Bishop, Robert Topp
EMG activation of cervical musculature during therapeutic exercise with theraband resistance vs manual resistance in neck pain population [by] Jay Greenstein, Jena Etnoyer-Slaski, Barton Bishop, Robert Topp
The radiographic interpretation experience of chiropractors and chiropractic students [by] Julie-Marthe Grenier
A scoping study of knowledge translation theory and factors influencing research evidence use related to the Canadian chiropractic setting [by] Diane Grondin
Comparison of beginner and advanced student scores on objective structured clinical examinations in a chiropractic program [by] Joseph Guagliardo
Reliability of a new technique for measuring spinal stiffness in asymptomatic participants [by] Malieh Hadizadeh, Greg Kawchuk, Isabelle Page, Martin Descarraux
Chest pain and posterior rib misalignment: a differential diagnosis [by] Chad Hagen
Sacro occipital technique (SOT) cranial therapy with an occlusal splint for the treatment of fibromyalgia and obstructive sleep apnea with blocked sinus [by] Rachel Hamel, Mamal Rahimi, Charles Blum
A survey of attitudes toward evidence-based clinical practice among doctors of chiropractic specializing in pediatrics [by] Julie Hartman, Christine Goertz, Dana Lawrence, Katherine Pohlman
Robotic simulation of clinical exams: Describing the mechanical effect of alar ligament injury [by] Robert Hartman, Karthik Hiarharan, Robert Tisherman, Michael Schneider, Michael Timko, Gwendolyn Sowa, James Kang
Leg pain location and neurological signs relate to outcomes in primary care patients with low back pain [by] Lisbeth Hartvigsen, Lise Hestbaek, Alice Kongsted
Sport specific rehabilitation for a paralympic rugby prospect: A case study [by] Lacey Hatfield, Kelley Humphries
Unique ultrasound features of bilateral plantar fibromatosis [by] Daniel Haun, Patrick Battaglia, Shannon Kuhn, Norman Kettner
SWOT analysis of chiropractic education and services provided within the hospital setting according to students, residents and new graduates of a North American chiropractic program [by] Navine Haworth, Linda Jones
Exploration of new graduate collaboration experiences [by] Navine Haworth, Linda Jones
The impact of depression on academic performance of chiropractic students [by] Shawn He, Niu Zhang
The forces exerted by a chiropractor on pediatric patients during high-speed low amplitude spinal manipulative care [by] Walter Herzog, Peter Kevorkian, Brent Russell, Joel Alcantara
McKenzie, manipulation, and therapeutic neuroscience, the three legged stool to the PROMIS of function: a case study [by] Nathan Hinkeldey, Zach Jipp
Patient disability: a case for the detrimental effects of patient education [by] Nathan Hinkeldey, Jace Peters
Chiropractic treatment of a post-concussion syndrome secondary to volleyball injury in a 14-year-old female: A case report [by] Marilyn Holbeck
Influence of open-lab attendance on student performance using force sensing table technology(FSTT) [by] Dana Hollandsworth, Daniel Armstrong, Eric Russell
Self-reported lifestyle and health ratings may correlate with time under chiropractic care: results from a practice-based pilot study [by] Ronald Hosek, Eric Plasker, Edward Owens, Stephanie Sullivan
An evaluation study of the for reduction of temporomandibular joint dysfunction symptoms using low-level laser therapy [by] Jennifer Illes, Clara Quadra
Student self-assessment and learning using ExamsSoft tools [by] Fiona Jarrett-Thewel, Deborah Barr, Jeanmarie Burke
Biopsychosocial risk factors associated with low back pain in stroke survivors [by] Claire Johnson, Bart Green
Bibliometric analysis of publications from European Chiropractic Union member countries in the JMPT from 2000 to 2015 [by] Claire Johnson, Bart Green
"I'm afraid I'll offend them!” Learning how to approach a sensitive topic using standardized patients [by] Martha Kaeser, Michelle Anderson
Concussion knowledge among sport chiropractors [by] Mohsen Kazemi, Khushboo Vora, Mary Bogumil
The effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation on urinary incontinence in patients with low back pain and radiculopathy: a retrospective case-series report [by] Mohsen Khamessipour, Michael Hall
Effects of a single session of chiropractic care on voluntary activation and maximum voluntary contraction of the biceps brachii[ by] Mat Kingett, Kelly Holt, Imran Khan Niazi, Rasmus Wiberg, Michael Lee, Heidi Haavik
Chiropractic manipulative reflex technique (CMRT) treatment for GERD of a 3 year old male child: A case report [by] Robert Klingensmith, Charles Blum
Validation of a non-invasive, non-ionizing technique for three-dimensional measurement of the lumbar spine [by] Terry Koo, Wingchi Edmund Kwok
The use of infrared cameras to detect pain: Determining the specificity and sensitivity [by] Bon Kwan, Shari Wynd, Aladin Boriek, Jack Fulkman
Differences between neuromechanical responses to spinal manipulation and mobilization: a crossover randomized trial [by] Arnaud Lardon, Isabelle Page, Francois Nougarou, Martin Descarraux
Opinions of sports clinical practice chiropractors, with sports specialty training and those without, about chiropractic research priorities in sports health care: a centering resonance analysis [by] Alexander Lee, Kaitlyn Szabo, Kirstie McDowell, Sydney Granger
Chiropractic care alters nociceptive processing at spinal and supraspinal levels [by] Dina Lelic, Imran Khan Niazi, Kelly Holt, Muhammad Samran Navid, Asbjorn Mohr Drewes, Heidi Haavik
Developing student experience: Creation of a therapy practice lab [by] Marc Lucente, Sean Norkus, Mark Murdock, John Lockenour
Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization increases range of motion in traumatized ankle: a case study [by] Inajara Maciel, Danilo Messa da Silva, Daniel Facchini
Quality assessment of case reports on a technique website[by]Dana Madigan, Jerrilyn Cambron
Associations of blood lead and cadmium levels with bone mineral density in men aged 50 and older [by] Dana Madigan, Yuri Korvatko, Mary Turyk
Chiropractic management of cervical degenerative spondylolisthesis: a case report[ by] Celia Maguire
A relationship between undergraduate science courses and success in the first year of a chiropractic program and on National Board Of Chiropractic Examiners, part I[ by] Carissa Manrique, Gene Giggelman
Perianal abscess mimicking levator ani syndrome: A case report and approach to the differential diagnosis of anorectal pain [by] Paul Mastragostino, Alex Lee, Patrick Battaglia
Comparison of final practical exam scores between students who prepared for a multiple choice exam and students who prepared for a fill-in-the-blank exam [by] Chris Major
Correcting thoracolumbar adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using a new 3D bracing approach: a case study[ by] Jeb McAviney, Juan Du Plessis
The use of rehabilitation exercises as an adjunct for patients with chronic neck pain [by] Abigail McGuiness, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
Thoracic musculoskeletal pain presenting with myocardial infarction symptoms [by] Craig Mencl
Using OSCE quality assurance to train the raters [by] Heather Miley, Robert Tatum, Jamie Bedle, Doug Lawson
A critical integrative review of manual therapy use for headache disorders: Prevalence, profiles, predictors and communication [by] Craig Moore, Jon Adams, David Sibbritt
Using the Personal Background Preparation Survey to identify the at-risk student in the first year of a doctor of chiropractic program [by] John Mrozek
Management of fibromyalgia in female veterans presenting to a VHA chiropractic clinic: a retrospective case series [by] Jason Napuli, Karim Ali, Ryan Diana
Dishabituation of central nervous system to tonic pain following chiropractic care - a standardized low resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA) based study [by] Muhammad Samran Navid, Dina Lelic, Imran Khan Niazi, Kelly Holt, Esben Bolvig, Asbjorn Mohr Drewes, Heidi Haavi
A descriptive study of sports chiropractors [by] Luke Nelson, Henry Pollard, Rick Ames, Brett Jarosz, Peter Garbutt, Cliff Da Costa
Incorporation of motivational interviewing into a pre-clinic course [by] Lia Nightingale
A picture is worth a thousand words: Using a visual aid in diagnosing during clinical competency testing [by] Brett Nielsen
Correlation of body composition and low back pain in a cross-section of United States Veterans [by] Casey Okamoto, Andrew Dunn, Bart Green, Lance Formolo
Peer review in a chiropractic college - lessons learned [by] Tolu Oyelowo
Rate-dependent anti-nociceptive effect of a spinal manipulative therapy on adult rat chronic peripheral neuropathic pain behavior [by] Stephen Onifer, Randall Sozio, Denielle DiCarlo, Qian Li, renee Donahue, Bradley Taylor, Cynthia Long
Ethical issues in chiropractic research [by] Julie O'Shaughnessy, Martin Descarraux
Amplitude and speed of Gonstead technique side-posture lumbopelvic adjustments in humans [by] Edward Owens, Brent Russell, Mike Weiner, Linda Mullin, Lydia Dever, Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan
Using private electronic health care databases when public ones do not exist [by] Edward Owens, Joe Esposito, Ronald Hosek
Spinal manipulation increases maximum bite force in healthy individuals [by] M. Gorkem Ozyurt, Heidi Haavik, Imran Khan Niazi, Kelly Holt, Oguz Sebik, Gizem Yilmaz, Kemal Turker
The impact of chiropractic Activator adjustments on analytical abilities and reaction time task performance: a pilot study [by] Jacob Palmer, Angelo Pierce, Stephanie Sullivan, Mark Amos, Tim Guest, John Markham
Conservative management of recurrent bladder infection and urinary retention in neurogenic bladder: A case report [by] Amanda Panuska, Julia Liebach
Manual therapy for the pediatric population: a systematic review [by] Carol Parnell Prevost, Brian Gleberzon, Beth Carleo, Kris Anderson, Katie Pohlman
UQTR's first chiropractic community outreach clinic: a pilot project with important educational and social impacts [by] Caroline Poulin, Danica Brousseau, Karina Patenaude
Importance of biofeedback therapy in chiropractic management [by] Dewan Raja, Bahar Sultana
An Assessment of musculoskeletal medicine deficiencies in chiropractic education: a survey of chiropractic clinical clerks[by]Michael Ramcharan
Altered common drive to cervical multifidus motoneurons in neck pain patients [by] Tim Raven, Lise Lothe, Torsten Eken
A novel method for insertion of intramuscular EMG electrodes in the cervical multifidus muscle [by] Tim Raven, Lise Lothe, Gunnar Sandbaek, Torsten Eken
Resolution of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo using torque release chiropractic adjustments [by] Robert Rectenwald, Indira Malpica
Improved sensory perception, fine motor coordination and balance in patient with brain injury following lifting event: a case report [by] Paula Rhodes, Jon Eberle
Does adding cryostimulation influence the outcomes in conservative care for lateral epicondylitis? [by] Nadia Richer, Andree-Anne Marchand, Martin Descarraux
A pilot program to determine if video recording via a tablet computer is an effective teaching tool for coaching chiropractic students as they begin practicing adjusting skills [by] Thomas Ring, Virginia Barber
Influence of a review sheet on chiropractic student's evaluation and management coding [by] ]Christopher Roecker, Adam Sergent, Gregory Cofano
Establishing pre-rehabilitation baselines in a post-operative lumbar spine: a case report[ [by] Maria Romano-Young
Mind the gap: Using ExamSoft to reveal hidden learning deficiencies in students with A or B grades in a course [by] Kevin Rose, Jesika Babajanian
Chiropractic care of a two year-old diagnosed with gastroesophogeal reflux and a hiatal hernia: A case report [by] Martin Rosen, Charles Blum, Erin Rosen
Resolution of a left sided 5th phalangeal 2nd inter-phalangeal joint stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger) in a 2 1/2 year-old female: A case report [by] Martin Rosen, Charles Blum, Erin Rosen
Triage and case presentations in chiropractic pediatric clinics: A follow-up with international participation [by] Drew Rubin, Mary Phillips
Pilot peer mentoring program in an educational setting [by] Lisa Rubin
Balance, gait, eye movement, and chiropractic care: a case of chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia [by] Brent Russell, Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan, Kathryn Hoiriis
Evaluation of chiropractic lexicon at a chiropractic institution: a cross-sectional survey [by] ]Eric Russell
Evaluation of team-based learning implementation in a chiropractic curriculum [by] Richard Salazar, Georgina Pearson, Miguel Chiusano, Sandra Norton, Christopher Smoley, Katherine Pohlman, William Watson
Chiropractic spinal manipulation improves the onset of contractions of female pelvic floor muscle [by] Jenna Salmons, Imran Khan Niazi, Rasmus Wiberg Nedergaard, Kelly Holt, Heidi Haavik
Social network analysis of a chiropractor during initial integration into the clinical staff of a rehabilitation hospital [by] ]Stacie Salsbury, Robert Vining, Qian Li, Jeb Thurmond, Donna Gosselin, Carl Cooley, Christine Goertz
New, brief questionnaires that assess nonspecific factors and pain outcomes [by] Michael Schneider, Carol Greco, Lan Yu, Nathan Dodds
Treatment of acute TMJ pain and dysfunction with sacro occipital technique and cranial techniques [by] Jason Scoppa
Treatment of knee pain in an athlete sprinter with sacro occipital technique and cranial techniques [by] Jason Scoppa
Abdominal aortic aneurysm and chiropractic manipulation: A literature review [by] Adam Sergent, Heather Bowyer
Delayed CNS complications from chemotherapy: a case study in delayed neurotoxicity and the importance of it's identification to successfully manage post cancer survivors [by] Peter Shipka, Brad Semeniuk
Dental chiropractic interdisciplinary care of three patients with different conditions yet similar symptom presentation: A case series [by] David Shirazi, Richard Gerardo, Charles Blum
A survey of chiropractic students' perceived business preparedness at the time of graduation [by] David Sikorski, Paul Wanless, Anumapa Kizhakkeveetil, Gene Tobias
Post surgical spine rehab [by] Jerrold Simon
Chiropractic intervention and rehabilitative exercises in an adolescent with a recent incomplete spinal cord injury: A case report [by] Rebecca Skiljan, Kelly Humphries, Melissa Engelson
Developing evidence-based quality standards for chiropractors [by] Stuart Smellie, Rob Finch
Chiropractic utilization of exercise in the treatment plan: A cross-sectional study [by] Brynne Stainsby, Lauren Quattrocchi, Curtis Turner, Julie Yaworski
Research resources in Canada: taking inventory before setting priorities [by] Kent Stuber, Andre Bussieres, Gerg Kawchuk
A study of patient-centered care in patients with chronic health conditions attending chiropractic practice: outcome of a pilot of the protocol [by] Kent Stuber, Mark Langweiler, Silvano Mior, Peter McCarthy
A multimodal approach to the conservative management of meniscus tear [by] David Sundy, Charles Blum
Do McTimoney chiropractic graduates perceive that they are adequately prepared to start and run a small business? [by] Judith Townsend, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
Investigating the use of digital imaging to assess the radiology interpretation skills of graduating chiropractors on the NBCE part IV practical examination [by] Paul Townsend, Margaret Seron, John Hyland, Michele Fisher, Jungnam Kim
A comparison of spinal manipulation versus mobilization for neck pain: a systematic literature review [by] Peter Tuchin, Daniel Cadona, Sidney Guines, Lucky Tran, James Zheng
The efficacy of manual therapy in the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A systematic literature review [by] ]Peter Tuchin, Grant Edmonson, Steven Tran, Satya Keo, Dwayne Hubbard
Sacral-Occipital Technique care alters frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital brain electrical activity: a randomized controlled clinical study [by] Daniel Tuttle, Jerry Hochman, Stephanie Sullivan, Ronald Hosek
OMG I'm going to fail! Using online teaching modalities to decrease students' anxiety and increase learning and preparedness [by] Michael VanNatta, Thomas Brozovich, Kelly Krell-Mares, Dustin Derby, Michael Tunning
Functional neurological symptom disorder in a 19-year-old female with postconcussion syndrome: a case study [by] Jonathan Vestal, Michael Hall, Michael Longyear
Osteochondritis dessicans: A rare location [by] Federico Villafane, Nathaniel Holloway, Norman Kettner
Use of chiropractic as an integrative health care: A literature review [by] Sivarama Prasad Vinjamury, Kunsiri Tantithamma, Cheih-Hsin Chen
The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on visuomotor adaptation and motor learning [by] Kinza Waqar, Imran Khan Niazi, Jens Duehr, Kelly Holt, Heidi Haavik, Nabeel Anwar
Chiropractic management of blast injury related neuropathic pain: a case study [by] ]Robert Walsh, Greg Snow
Chiropractic technique selective courses: a survey of faculty perceptions [by] Paul Wanless, Paige Morgenthal, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, david Sikorski, Gene Tobias
Crural index influence on parameters of female running gait [by] John Ward, Jeff Thompson, Jesse Coats
Barriers to chiropractic use among African-Americans: a pilot study [by] Rebecca Wates, Jon Wilson, Julia Bartlett, Mark Pfefer
Can a patient's skin be used to display anatomically correct diagnostic images? [by] Ian Watts, Pierre Boulanger, Michael Feist, Greg Kawchuk
Multifidus and abdominal muscle thickness in women immediately following pregnancy: A pilot study [by] Carol Ann Weis, Jon Barrett, Samantha Bauer, Amanda Huang, Candice Stewart, Claire Wells, Jane Hiller, Crystal Draper
Ontario chiropractor's knowledge of exercise guidelines for pregnant populations [by] Carol Ann Weis, Emily Baas, Kristen Ciesla, Carissa Kimpniski
Use of the Medscape “Fast 5” migraine quiz to assess headache knowledge among upper-level chiropractic students [by] Jon Wilson, Mark Pfefer, William Augello, Taylor Frederick
Responders/non-responders to spinal manipulation: a relation to spinal degeneration and post-treatment changes in disc diffusion [by] Arnold Wong, Eric Parent, Sukhvinder Dhillon, Narashima Prasad, Dino Samrtzis, Greg Kawchuk
A systematic review on the predictive factors for developing low back pain in healthcare students [by] Arnold Wong, Kevin Lam, Jean-Maxime Caron
MRI acquired data analyses before and after a chiropractic intervention in migraine subjects [by] H. Charles Woodfield, D. Gordon Hasick, Sean Sethi, Karthikeya Subramanian, David Utriainen, E. Mark Haacke
Resolution of adult gastroesophageal reflux disease: a retrospective case series [by] Pamela Woodward Terranova
The use of activity trackers in the management of lifestyle modification: a pilot study [by] Shari Wynd, Amber Horsely, Aladin Boriek
Attitude changes towards the basic science courses between 1st, 5th, and 8th trimesters [by] Shari Wynd, Martha Friesen
Association of lumbar spine stiffness and flexion-relaxation with patient-reported outcomes in adults with chronic low back pain receiving spinal manipulation therapy [by] Ting Xia, Cynthia Long, Robert Vining, Maruti Gudavalli, James DeVocht, Qian Li, Gregory Kawchuk, David Wilder, Christine Goertz
Neck pain and cognitive function in the US older adults: Data from NHANES [by] Haiou Yang, Scott Haldeman, Margareta Nordin
Diagnosis of an ACL tear utilizing ultrasound, MRI and arthrographic correlation [by] Alicia Yochum, Norman Kettner
Predicting stress and test anxiety among first year chiropractic students [by] ]Niu Zhang, Charles Henderson

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  • Enclose phrases in "quotation marks".  Examples: "low back pain", "evidence-based"
  • Retrieve all forms of a word with an asterisk*, also called a wildcard or truncation.  Example: chiropract* retrieves chiropractic, chiropractor, chiropractors
  • Register an account in My ICL to save search histories (My Searches) and collections of records (My Collections)
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