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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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ID 24362
  Title Poster presentation abstracts [for the 2014 ACC-RAC conference]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2016 Mar;30(1):69-80
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

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Posterpresentation abstract titles and authors:Forces applied to patients with low back pain during flexion distraction treatment: a clinical case series [by] William Alexander, Robert Vining, Ram Gudavalli
A journey into the spinal cord: a regenerative stem cell therapy  for ALS [by]   Nora Bakaa, Mark Erwin, Muhammad Zia Karim, Katie Grundy
Barriers to full-text publication of abstracts presented at the 2006 to 2008 Association of Chiropractic Colleges/Research Agenda Conference meetings [by] Barclay Bakkum, Cynthia Chapman
Chiropractic care in a pediatric patient with primary vesicoureteral reflux[by] Virginia Barber, Thomas Wicks, Joseph Carfora
Use of chiropractic services, reasons for seeking care, patient  profiles, and treatment provided: a scoping review [by]
Peter Beliveau, Jessica Wong, Nir Simon, Andre Bussieres, Silvano Mior, Simon French
Student perceptions of a life science review class after taking National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) Part I [by] Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist
Chiropractic as part of an interdisciplinary team for the care of a patient with diplopia: a case report [by] Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum
Occult breast cancer metastasis masked by musculoskeletal pain in the hip: a case report [by] James Boysen
The reduction of asthma symptoms and medication after chiropractic care [by]  Thomas Brozovich
Implementation of patient reported outcomes research within chiropractic academic health centers and private chiropractic offices: lessons learned [by]   Jeanmarie Burke
Recruitment methods for a randomized controlled trial on shoe orthotics for chronic low back pain [by] Jerrilyn Cambron, Jennifer Dexheimer, Lynn Zoufal
The effect of spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) on the  production of interleukin-6 (IL-6) in patients with low back pain [by]  Adrian Chow, Julita Teodorczyk-Injeyan, Stephen Injeyan
Pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy: a case report [by]  Katherine Clark, Troy Stark
Sacro occipital technique and autism spectrum disorders: a case series [by]   Susan Colby-Allen, Charles Blum
Chiropractic care in a case of cauda equina syndrome: a case study[by] Stephan Cooper, Mark Pfefer, Edward Smith, William Augello
Systematic review and meta-analysis of the difference between  Tuffier’s Line and the palpatory iliac crest [by]
Robert Cooperstein, Michael Haneline, Kelley Holt
Outcomes of chiropractic distraction spinal manipulation on  postsurgical continued low back and radicular pain patients: a retrospective case series study [by] James Cox, Maruti Ram Gudavalli, George Joachim, Kurt Olding
A potential clinical prediction rule for 52 patients with  headache and cranial dysfunctions: a retrospective case-series
report [by] Scott Cuthbert, Charles Blum
Electrodiagnostics training in the curriculum of chiropractic colleges in North America: an initial qualitative analysis [by]
J Donald Dishman, Luis Vera
Functional neurological rehabilitation of mild traumatic brain injury due to multiple concussions [by]  Susan Esposito, Natalie Horine
Treatment of symptoms from a middle cerebral artery post ischemic stroke using a chiropractic functional neurology
approach [by]   Susan Esposito, Meera Chauhan
Adults age 55 and older who use chiropractic care [by] Kimary Farrar, John Ward, Raquel Lopez, Kelsey Word
The effects of chiropractic intervention on the range of motion of the jaw in symptomatic patients with temporomandibular dysfunction: a pilot study [by]  Andrew Gillespie, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
Management of a concussed female athlete using an offvertical  axis rotational device and chiropractic care: a case
study [by] Michael Hall, Michael Longyear, Jonathan Vestal
A descriptive analysis of the Journal of Chiropractic Pediatrics,  2008-2014 [by] Julie Hartman, Janice Hubbard, Christine Goertz, Dana Lawrence, Katherine Pohlman
Resolution of low back pain and gastroesophageal reflux disease in a 29-year-old male patient following upper cervical
chiropractic care: a case report [by] Charmaine Herman
A practice-based pilot study of patient’s attitudes about longterm care and longevity [by] Ronald Hosek, Edward Owens, Eric Plasker, Stephanie Sullivan
Survey of upper cervical chiropractors’ level of interest in participating in practice-based research networks [by]
Janice Hubbard, Dana Lawrence, Cyndy Long, Cheryl Hawk
Upper cervical chiropractic and gastroparesis: a case report [by] Todd Hubbard 
Previously undiagnosed nail patella syndrome in a 67-year-old chiropractic patient: a case report [by] Tracey Littrell
Analysis of the ergonomic risk on the employees from a  company that delivers mail and packages in Serra Gau´cha [by]  Bruna Magnaguagno, Marcia Augusta Basso de Alexandre
Essential literature for the chiropractic profession: a survey of   international chiropractic faculty [by] Barbara Mansholt, John Stites, Stacie Salsbury, Lance Corber
Ontario Chiropractic Observation and Analysis STudy (OCOAST):improving quality of care through better
understanding of current chiropractic practice [by] Silvano Mior, Jessica Wong, Deborah Sutton, Peter Belivea
Chiropractic management of a geriatric patient with lumbar degenerative disc disease, foraminal stenosis, and osteoporosis  using low-force manipulation: a case report [by] Kenice Morehouse-Grand, Alisha Kuhn
The effects of chiropractic care on horses: a literature synthesis [by]   Ashley Murray, Danielle Wiesner, Brittany Dunlop, Evan Bell, David Starmer
Use of complementary and alternative medicine to improve athletic or sport performance by adults in the United States [by] Harrison Ndetan, Will Evans, Ron Williams
Quantifying potential wider health/wellbeing benefits of chiropractic intervention for specific disorders: a pilot study [by]
Anne O’Donaghue, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
Lipoma arborescens of the knee: an unusual case of chronic knee joint swelling in a 25-year-old male [by]
Tunde Olatunji, Siri Leech, Ranier Pavlicek
Spinal manipulation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization care for a 4-year-old patient with agenesis of the corpus
callosum [by] Mike Oppelt, Virginia Barber, Susan Larkin
How well do diagnosis codes from claims databases represent health issues of chiropractic patients? [by] Edward Owens, Joseph Esposito, Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan
The long-term effects of continuing chiropractic care: a feasibility study [by]  Edward Owens, Eric Plasker, Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan
Publicly funded chiropractic integration in an inner city community health center: a program description [by] Steven Passmore
Identifying training gaps in faculty as educators using a needs assessment [by] Kristina Petrocco-Napuli, David Seaman
Attitudes and knowledge of sports injury management: a  survey of chiropractic interns [by] Mark Pfefer, Jason Qualls, Angela Segovia, Christin Phillips
Use of Biofreeze in addition to chiropractic care among chronic headache patients: a case series [by]  Mark Pfefer, Stephan Cooper, Angela Segovia, Luke Lambert, Priya  Albee, Derrick Dube
Evaluation of barriers to implementing patient safety reporting and learning systems at two chiropractic teaching clinics [by] Katherine Pohlman, Maeve O’Beirne, Haymo Thiel, Silvano Mior, Anthony Tibbles, Craig Jacobs, Martha Funabashi, Sunita Vohra
Effects of grouping method on exam scores when collaborative testing [by]  Ali Rabatsky, Michael Bovee
Health education to prevent age-related macular degeneration in the United States population [by] Dewan Raja, Bahar Sultana
The polyvagal theory and its relationship to pediatric  chiropractic [by] Drew Rubin, Haley Wilson, Ryan Harward
Perceptions of students, student interns, and graduates in preparedness for practice [by] Lisa Rubin, Drew Rubin
Upper cervical chiropractic management of overuse syndrome in a violist: a case report [by] Philip Schalow
Perspectives, viewpoints and understanding of pain management concept among chiropractic students and
chiropractic physicians [by] David Schimp, Cami Stastny, David Taylor
Management of a 30-year-old male mixed martial arts fighter presenting with posttraumatic spinal cord injury consistent
with cord contusion [by]  Adam Sergent, Scott Self, Matthew Richardson 
A 17-year-old postconcussive male receiving chiropractic functional neurology care with whole body rotation: a case
report [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Michael Longyear, Jonathan Vestal, Dan Tuttle, Ronald Hosek
Intraexaminer reliability of measurements of ankle range of motion using a modified inclinometer: a pilot study [by] Patricia Tavares, Victoria Landsman, Les Wiltshire
Chiropractic and allopathic physician knowledge about traumatic brain injury care [by] David Taylor, John Ward
A survey of membership perceptions of the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council (ACASC) [by] Michael Tunning, Dustin Derby, Judd Gines
Immediate influence of lumbar spine manipulation on pain, functional reach, static balance, and walking gait kinematics of individuals with acute low back pain [by]  Ken Tyer, John Ward, Amir Pourmoghaddam
Symptomatology compression rates of chiropractic patients  with acute low back pain at 2-weeks and 4-weeks [by] Ken Tyer, John Ward, Coats Jesse, Amir Pourmoghaddam, William Amonette
Avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter in a high school athlete [by]  Michael VanNatta
Effects of chiropractic technique elective courses and  extracurricular activities on students’ choice of chiropractic
technique [by] Paul Wanlass, David Sikorski, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Gene Tobias
Prevalence of low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, and  combination pain in a postpartum Canadian population [by] Sarah Batley, Melissa Corso, Sara Ho, Kristen Wishloff, Victoria  Landsman, Patricia Tavares, Jon Barrett, Carol Ann Weis

Prevalence of low back pain, pelvic girdle pain, and  combination pain in a pregnant Canadian population [by] Carol Ann Weis, Karen Ngo, Tu Huynh, Crystal Draper, Victoria  Landsman, Patricia Tavares, Jacky Leung, Jon Barrett
Attitudes and perceptions of chiropractic healthcare in the  United States: an online survey [by] Jon Wilson, Mark Pfefer, Rebecca Burkhalter, Ruth Sandefur, William McDonald
Patient-reported side effects immediately after chiropractic  scoliosis treatment: a cross-sectional survey using a practicebased  research network [by]  A Joshua Woggon, Dennis Woggon
Effect of atlas vertebrae realignment in a subject with migraine: a case report [by] H Charles Woodfield
A new approach in providing qualitative evaluations for chiropractic student interns’ performance [by] Stephen Wooten, Diane Clark


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