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Monday, July 13, 2020
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ID 24024
  Title Abstracts of ACC Conference Proceedings: Poster presentations [ACC contributed papers presented at the 2012 Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference XXII and Research Agenda Conference XX]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2015 Mar;29(1):90-108
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

Click on the above link for the full text of the poster presentation abstracts. View the table of contents.

90 An anatomical study of arcuate foramina [by] Salman Afsharpour, Kathryn Hoiriis, Bruce Fox, Samuel Demons
90 The prevalence of wrist ganglia in a chiropractic student population [by]Caleb Alford, Kevin Bradshaw, Eric Michener, Aaron Perkins, Kayla St. Aubin, Daniel Haun
90 Decrease of thyroid autoimmune activity after hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis testing and antiinflammatory polytherapy: A case report [by] Christopher Arick
90 Overcoming barriers to publication: A case report of a chiropractic researcher [by] Barclay Bakkum, Robert Cooperstein, Cynthia Chapman
91 Dynamic assessment of lateral ankle ligament instability and anterior impingement: A sonographic case report [by] Patrick Battaglia, Katherine Craig, Norman Kettner
91 Case report: Resolution of cervicogenic cephalgia and greater occiptial neuralgia with collaborative care [by] David BenEliyahu, Jacob Rauchwerger, Alan Kaell, Neha Naik, Michael Tofano
91 Assessing the change in chiropractic student scores in a review course for NBCE Part 1 examination provided as a required course by an accredited chiropractic college [by] Judy Bhatti, Elissa Twist
92 Integration of sacro-occiptal technique cranial therapy with an occlusal splint for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: A case report [by] Thomas Bloink, Charles Blum
92 Improvement in clinical outcomes after dry needling in a patient with occipital neuralgia [by] Bryan Bond, Christopher Kinslow
92 Intervention in menorrhagia through chiropractic adjustment and spondylotherapy: A case report [by] William J. Boro
92 The return of color vision secondary to macular degeneration after chiropractic care [by] Thomas Brozovich
93 The relationship between chiropractor required and current level of business knowledge [by] Michael Ciolfi
93 Comparison of 4 variations of the manual muscle test of the sartorius [by] Katharine Conable, Tracy Edelmann
93 The effect of chiropractic care in a patient with menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, and irregular menstrual cycle length [by] Karima Cooper, Linda Mullin
93 Intra- and interobserver reliability of the Cobb measurement by chiropractic interns using digital evaluation methods [by] Jesse Cracknell, John Taylor, Doug Lawson
94 The influence of the chiropractic treatment in patients with insulin resistance associated with diabetes type 2: A case series [by] Fabio Dal Bello, Patricia Bergesch, Charles Blum
94 Development of a grand rounds course [by] Renee DeVries, Louise Delagran
94 Evaluating chiropractic college mission statements: A model for assessment [by] Scott Donaldson
94 Case study: Post–sinus surgery insomnia [by] Eva Elsangak
95 Tricipital supernumerary head of the biceps brachii muscle: An anatomical case study and clincial implications [by] Dennis Enix, Kasey Sudkamp, Robbyn Keating, Anthony Aamodt, Frank Scali [by]
95 Improvements in quality of life in a 4-year-old male with cerebral palsy undergoing chiropractic functional neurology treatment: A case study [by] Susan Esposito, Kaitlin Townsend
95 An investigation into the efficacy of fear-avoidance beliefs as a predictor of treatment outcomes in McTimoney chiropractic patients [by] Carole Filby, Gabrielle Swait, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
95 A cross-sectional study to determine current basic public health markers of faculty clinicians at a chiropractic teaching institution [by] Rod Floyd, Kenice Morehouse, Stephen Grand, Shane Carter, Craig Mencl
96 Chiropractic and dental care of a patient with temporomandibular and sacroiliac joint hypermobility: A case report [by] Richard Gerardo, Charles Blum, David Shirazi 
96 Chiropractic intern attitudes, beliefs, and intentions with regard to health promotion, wellness, and preventive services —Phase 2 [by] Stephen Grand, Kenice Morehouse-Grand, Shane Carter, Rod Floyd
96 Improving a patient’s quality of life after a traumatizing fall causes structural impairments and disability. A case report illustrating collaborative health care benefits [by] Joseph Haezebrouck
96 Resting pulse rates following adjustment of C1 subluxation: A case series [by] John Har
97 Resolution of low back pain in an 8-year-old patient following upper cervical chiropractic care: A case study [by] Charmaine Herman
97 Changes in state regulation pertaining to chiropractic staff [by] LaKeisha Holloway, Catherine Eberhart, Stacie Martel
97 The feasibility of using electronic health records as a data source for practice-based research: An exercise in interprofessional collaboration [by] Ronald Hosek, Stephanie Sullivan, Edward Owens, Joe Esposito
97 Cervical herniated disc with cervical radiculopathy symptoms improved under conservative chiropractic care: A case report [by] Todd Hubbard, Brian Hall, Janice Hubbard
98 Implementation of a chiropractic care program for soldiers, veterans, and their families in a chiropractic college clinic system [by] Julie Johnson, Shayan Sheybani, Ron Boesch
98 A preliminary investigation into the effects of cervical spinal manipulation on cardiac autonomic control by measuring heart rate variability [by] Antonia Kam, Adrian Hunnisett, Christina Cunliffe
98 Clinical and ultrasound evaluation of an angioleiomyoma in the lower extremity: A case report [by] Brooke Van Kirk, Aaron Welk, Aimee Jokerst, Norman Kettner
98 Students’ perceived confidence in specific elements of the physical examination 1 year post training: A survey and focus groups of 3 student cohorts [by] Lisa Killinger
99 Dorsal scapular artery: Anomaly of rare origin [by] Kelsey Martin, Everett Johnson, Bahram Sardarabadi
99 Sonographic diagnosis of an acute Stener lesion: A case report [by] Ross Mattox, Aaron Welk, Mero Jr. Nunez, Norman Kettner
99 An unusual forearm deformity: Implications for chiropractic management [by] Celia Maguire
99 Effect of activator methods technique on lowering hemoglobin A1C levels in type 2 diabetics: A pilot study [by] Katrina Mayes, Anquonette Stiles, Larry Hansen, Timothy Guest, John Markham, Gwendolyn Tutt
100 Where is the pain source? A patient with low back pain and bilateral avascular necrosis of the hips [by] Amy Minkalis, Robert Vining
100 Restoration of symmetrical muscle tone and infant reflexes after chiropractic intervention of a neonate with concomitant apneic episodes [by] Linda Mullin, Haruka Yamazaki
100 Complete resolution of mild idiopathic scoliosis in a 9-year-old female: Results from the dynamic and corrective SpineCor bracing system [by] Paul Oakley
100 Postconcussion symptom reduction and return to play following chiropractic intervention: A case report [by] Harold Olson, Michael Tunning, Ron Boesch
101 Chiropractic extremity adjusting resolves de Quervain’s disease: A case series [by] Paul Otto, Tracy Olson
101 Do chiropractic students purchase and read textbooks? A survey of current chiropractic students [by] Mark T. Pfefer, Jon D. Wilson, John R. Dobson III, Christopher P. Voll, William Rutherford, Angela R.
Segovia, Stephan R. Cooper
101 Ankylosing spondylitis mimicking spasmodic torticollis—A case report [by] Lynn Pownall, Stephen Grande, Elizabeth Rokitka
101 An association between low back pain and cigarette smoking [by] Dewan Raja, Bahar Sultana
102 Clinician-specific faculty development program [by] Robert Rectenwald
102 Early poststroke functional neurological treatment restores function in a patient with hemiparesis: A case report [by] Paula Rhodes, DC, Kelsey Brenner
102 Chiropractic in the age of Ebola: A systematic review of infectious disease prevention and recommendations for chiropractors [by] Robert Rowell, Josefina Torres, Karen Goodell
102 The use of fine arts to improve visual diagnostic skills in chiropractic education [by] Drew Rubin
103 Kinetic gait evaluation of 3 patients with foot and ankle injuries, before and after a limited protocol of chiropractic care [by] Brent Russell, Ronald Hosek, Kathryn Hoiriis
103 Management of chronic postconscussive central and periphereral symptomotology using chiropractic functional neurologic treatments: A case report [by] Brian Sass, Susan Esposito
103 Collaborative care for a patient with complex low back pain and long-term tobacco use: A case report [by] Michael Seidman, Robert Vining, Stacie Salsbury
103 A multidisiplinary approach to work-related musculoskeletal discomfort utilizing a behavior-based ergonomic training program for computer users in a chiropractic college: A research pilot study [by] Charles W. Sherrod, Dale F. Johnson, Shawn T. Sherrod
104 The benefits of an integrated approach to the management of temporal mandibular dysfunction: A case study [by] Peter Shipka
104 The effects of multimodal chiropractic care on pain and disability in a patient diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, hypermobility type: A case report [by] Richard Strunk, Mark Pfefer, Kamraan Husain
104 The impact of chiropractic activator adjustments on mental rotation and line judgment reaction time: A pilot study [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Rebecca Shisler Marshall, Lawrence Hansen, John Markham, Tim Guest
105 Are our students engaging in self-reflection? [by] Dorrie Talmage
105 Improvement in motor coordination in a senior patient following chiropractic care [by] Beatrice Tapia-Borges
105 The deserted library: Students’ perceptions of the library as supporting their academic achievement—Interpretive case study [by] Chabha Hocine Tepe
105 Information literacy self-efficacy and information literacy knowledge of 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-year chiropractic students [by] Rodger Tepe
106 Quantitative assessment of changes in brain activity after a chiropractic adjustment [by] Daniel Tuttle, Jerry Hochman, Stephanie Sullivan, Ronald Hosek
106 Transient quadriplegia in a high school athlete [by] Michael VanNatta
106 Challenges in patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials— Is there a need for interprofessional collaboration? [by] Sivarama Prasad Vinjamury
106 Development and implementation of a wiki site at a chiropractic college [by] Paul Wanlass, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Michael Sackett
107 Impact of justice on organizational and supervisor trust at chiropractic colleges [by] Dan Weinert, Dustin Derby
107 Diagnostic ultrasound findings in adhesive capsulitis: A report of 2 cases [by] Aaron Welk, Norman Kettner
107 Chiropractic student attitudes regarding radiology use: Survey development and validation [by] Jon D. Wilson, Mark T. Pfefer, D. Jason Qualls, Angela B. Segovia
107 Long-term chiropractic management of progressive adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: A case study [by] Alan Joshua Woggon
108 MRI-measured change in intracranial flow following upper cervical chiropractic care of a migraine headache subject: A case report [by] H. Charles Woodfield III, D. Gordon Hasick
108 Interexaminer reliability in analysis of orthogonal radiographs [by] H Charles Woodfield III, John F. Hart, Peter B. Jacquemin





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