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Sunday, December 8, 2019
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ID 22239
  Title Abstracts of ACC Conference Proceedings: Platform presentations [ACC contributed papers presented at the 2012 Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference XIX and Research Agenda Conference XVII]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2012 Spring;26(1):83-115
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

Click on the above link for the full text of the platform presentation abstracts. View the table of contents.

83 Use of Spinal Manipulative Therapy for Pediatric Health Conditions: A Systematic Review of the Literature [by] Jenna Arts, Amanda Mei, Emily McManus, and Brian Gleberzon
83 Cervicogenic Headache Etiology: Cadaveric Study of the Connection Between Suboccipital Structures and the Cervical Dura Mater [by] Erton Averion and Mohsen Radpasand
84 Student Interns’ Feedback on Use of the SNAPPS Model to Promote Active Learning [by] Victor Benavides and Amy Wright
84 Use of YouTube Tutorials as an Educational Tool: Student Perceptions, Effectiveness, and Greater Implications [by] Lisa Bloom
84 Sonography of the Normal Anterior Talofibular Ligament [by] Eve Bonic, Daniel Haun, John Cho, Thomas Clark, and Norman Kettner
85 Is Trunk Motor Control Impaired by Acute Back Muscle Fatigue and Recovery? [by] Jean-Alexandre Boucher, Jacques Abboud, Emmanuelle Dion, and Martin Descarreaux
85 Alterations of the Dyspeptic Signs and Symptoms of Patients With Gastritis Following Chiropractic Treatment: A Small Randomized Controlled Study [by] Janaina Butafava, Fabio Dal Bello, and Charles Blum
85 Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to General Medical Practitioner Referral to Chiropractors [by] Katherine Butler, Christina Cunliffe, and Adrian Hunnisett
86 Chiropractic Dosage for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis [by] Jerrilyn Cambron, Grant Iannelli, Jennifer Dexheimer, Mabel Chang, Michael Schneider, James Jedlicka, and Gregory Cramer
86 Health Assistance to Elderly Patients From Different Ethnic Groups That Seek Chiropractic Care [by] Marta Casagrande Saraiva and Thiana Paula Schmidt dos Santos
86 Concurrent Validity in Range of Motion Measurement of Seated Versus Supine Active Cervical Rotation [by] Tammi Clark, Theresa Whitney, and Robert Cooperstein
87 Use of a Web-Based Curriculum Software Package in Evaluaton of a Chiropractic College Curriculum [by] Jesse Coats, Kenneth Sorrels, John Mrozek, and Shari Wynd
87 Novel Electromyogram Protocols for Assessment of Neck Pain: A Pilot Study [by] James DeVocht, Kalyani Gudavalli, Ting Xia, and Ram Gudavalli
87 Nonuniform Compression of Sacral Cartilage During Angular Rotation [by] Dennis Enix and Douglas Smith
88 Intervertebral Disc-Derived Stem Cells: Implications for Regenerative Medicine and Neural Repair [by] William Mark Erwin, Diana Islam, Eftekhar Eftekarpour, Robert Inman, and Michael Fehlings
88 Developing the Next Generation of Clinical Research Scientists: Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Fellowship Program [by] Roni Evans, Linda Hanson, Brent Leininger, Corrie Vihstadt, and Gert Bronfort
88 A Comprehensive Faculty Development Program for Advancing Evidence-Informed Practice [by] Roni Evans, Mary Tuchscherer, Louise Delagran, Della Shupe, Barbara Gosse, Pat Cassello-Maddox, and Linda Hanson
89 Using Computer-Assisted Learning to Engage in a Variety of Learning Styles in Understanding Business Management Principles [by] Mary Frost, Dustin Derby, and Andrea Haan
89 Developing a Model Curriculum for Ethical Practice Building at Chiropractic Colleges: Opinions From an International Workshop [by] Brian Gleberzon, Stephen Perle, and Gilles Lamarche
89 An Interprofessional Education Model for Comanagement of Back Pain in Older Adults by Doctors of Chiropractic and Medical Doctors [by] Christine Goertz, Stacie Salsbury, Robert Vining, Cynthia Long, Andrew Andresen, Maria Hondras, Mark Jones, Lisa Killinger, and Kevin Lyons
90 Utilizing YouTube in a Chiropractic Technique Lab [by] Christopher Good and Saman Pezeshki
90 Benefits of Active Learning in a Chiropractic Program: Comparison of Student Scores Before and After Utilizing Active Learning Techniques in a Classroom Setting [by] Joseph Guagliardo and Kathryn Hoiriis
90 Effect of Sampling Rate on Capturing High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Spinal Manipulation Force-Time Characteristics [by] Maruti Ram Gudavalli, James DeVocht, Ting Xia, and Ali Tayh
91 Consensus Process to Develop a “Best Practices” Document on the Role of Chiropractic Care in Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, and Wellness [by] Cheryl Hawk, Michael Schneider, Marion Willard Evans, and Daniel Redwood
91 Testing Test-Driven Learning and Self-Assessment Learning [by] Xiaohua He and Anne Canty
92 Manual Palpations Attenuate Immunochemical Reactivities of Pain Mediators in the Nervous System in Response to Adjuvant Knee Arthritis: An Animal Model [by] Xiaohua He and Veronica Dishman
92 Effect of Chiropractic High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Manipulation on Vertical Jump Height in Young Female Athletes With Talocrural Joint Dysfunction [by] Sofia Hedlund, Markus Lenz, Hans Nilsson, Pernilla Thorman, and Tobias Sundberg
92 Effect of Audit and Feedback on Record-Keeping Compliance Within a Chiropractic Educational Clinic System [by] Nicole Homb, Shayan Sheybani, Dustin Derby, and Kurt Wood
93 Use of the Activator Adjusting Instrument in the Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Descriptive and Systematic Review of the Literature [by] Tiffany Huggins, Ana Luburic-Boras, Brian Gleberzon, Mara Popescu, and Lianna Bahry
93 Biomechanics of Degenerated Discs With Incomplete and Slack Annular Fibers Under Traction Loads [by] Mozammil Hussain
93 Flow-Mediated Dilatation: An Endothelial Vascular Biomarker [by] Martha Kaeser, Daniel Haun, and Norman Kettner
94 Correlation Between Predictors of Entering Grade Point Average, Class Scores, and Pretest Scores on National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Exam Part I Scores [by] Amilliah Kenya
94 Structural Neuroplasticity in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Evidence for Cerebral Cortical Thinning [by] Norman Kettner, Yumi Maeda, James Sheehan, Jieun Kim, Ang Li, Joe Audette and Vitaly Napadow
94 Retrospective Analysis of Cultural Competence of Chiropractic Students in a Public Health Course [by] Kim Khauv and Joel Alcantara
95 Attitudes, Beliefs, and Teaching of Cultural Diversity by Chiropractic Educators [by] Kim Khauv and Joel Alcantara
95 Developing Activity Modules for Spinal Health Promotion: A Global Collaborative Process [by] Ron Kirk
95 Development and Evaluation of the Health Professional Collaborative Competency Perception Scale ( HPCCPS) [by] Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Judith Peranson, Howard Vernon, and David Soave
96 Teaching an Interprofessional Approach to the Management of Musculoskeletal Problems in Primary Care: A Pilot Study. Part 1: Students [by] Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Judith Peranson, and Scott Reeves
96 Spinal Manipulation or Mobilization for Radiculopathy: A Systematic Review [by] Brent Leininger, Gert Bronfort, Roni Evans, and Todd Reiter
96 Self-Directed Algorithm Design: A Useful Tool in Learning the Differential Diagnosis Process [by] Makani Lew
97 X-Ray Utilization and Demographics in a Chiropractic College Outpatient Clinic [by] Makani Lew and Gregory Snow
97 Variations in the Implementation and Characteristics of Chiropractic Services in Veterans Affairs: A Pilot Study [by] Anthony Lisi, Brian Mittman, Monica Smith, and Raheleh Khorsan
97 Development of a Strategically Designed Patient Self-Administered Intake Questionnaire to Help Achieve Medicare Compliance [by] Albert Luce, Dale Rossi, and David Seaman
98 Attitudes Toward Chiropractic Care Among the Health Care Community in Ghana, Africa [by] Dana Madigan and Barbara Sullivan
98 Using Reserarch to Change the Culture of Chiropractic Education [by] Michele Maiers, Roni Evans, and Louise Delagran
98 Chiropractic and General Medical Practice: A Survey of Referral Patterns and Communication Between the Professions [by] Sarah McSwiney, Gabrielle Swait, Adrian Hunnisett, and Christina Cunliffe
99 Knowledge of Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement Procedures in Chiropractic Students [by] Angela Miller and James La Rose
99 Faculty Development Workshops: An Evaluation of Effectiveness [by] John Mrozek, Stephan Foster, Alan Adams, and Rahim Karim
100 Comparision of Findings of Active Straight Leg Raise Test in Patients With Lumbar Versus Sacroiliac Pain [by] Donald Murphy, Eric Hurwitz, and Brian Hart
100 Neck and Back Pain Specifi c Outcome Assessment Questionnaires in the Spanish Language: A Literature Review [by] Donald Murphy and Marco Lopez
100 Optimized Estimation of Contact Force Application During a Side-Lying Lumbar Manipulation [by] Casey Myers, Brian Enebo, Andrea Wanamaker, and Brad Davidson
101 Planning for Success: Developing a Business Curriculum for Chiropractic Students [by] Rita Natziger, Julie Johnson, Mary Frost, and Alexis VanderHorn
101 Chiropractic Educaiton: A Look at Educational Outcomes, Student Satisfaction, and Interest in Postdoctoral Training in a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Chiropractic Clinic [by] Jason Napuli, Dave Chicoine, and Jennifer Smith
101 Pediatric Use of Herbal Supplements in the United States [by] Harrison Ndetan, Ronald Rupert, Patricia Brandon, and Maryann Osifo
102 Pediatric Use of Movement Therapy and Relaxation Technique for Health Problems and Conditions in the United States [by] Harrison Ndetan, Will Evans, Ronald Rupert, Patricia Brandon, and Roland Njumentoko
102 Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation for Pediatric Health Conditions in the United States [by] Harrison Ndetan, Patricia Brandon, Ronald Rupert, Rabina Acharya, and Kenneth Thomas
103 Demographic Factors and Neck Pain Among the Indigenous African Population in the Greater Durban Area [by] Prisca Zandile Ndlova, Charmaine Maria Korporaal, and Reed B. Phillips
103 Physician and Physician Assistant Attitudes and Referral Habits Concerning Chiropractic Care [by] Shawn Neff
103 Head Trauma in Returning Military Troops: A Review of the Literature [by] Shawn Neff
104 Qualitative Analysis of Comments Made by Chiropractors in Alberta, Canada, About Offi ce-Based Health Product Sales [by] Stacey Page, Jaroslaw Grod, and D. Gordon McMorland
104 Is There a Chilly Climate? A Mixed Method Study of the Educational Environment [by] Per J. Palmgren, Madawa Chandratilake, and Klara Bolander-Laksov
104 Mechanism of the Jendrassik Maneuver: Attention or Action? [by] Steven Passmore and Paul Bruno
105 Teaching an Interprofessional Approach to the Management of Musculoskeletal Conditions in Primary Care: A Pilot Study. Part 2: Educators [by] Judith Peranson, Deborah Kopansky-Giles, and Scott Reeves
105 Comparison of Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique Versus Diversifi ed Manipulation in Patients With Acute Low Back Pain [by] Mark Pfefer, Stephan Cooper, and Angela Boyazis
105 Chiropractic Management of Postconcussive Headache and Neck Pain in a Young Athlete and Implications for Return to Play [by] Mark Pfefer and Stephan Cooper
106 Knowledge and Attitudes in Assessment and Management of Chest Pain by Chiropractic Interns: A Pilot Survey [by] Mark Pfefer, Stephan Cooper, and Edward Smith
106 Kinematic and Kinetic Response to Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Preliminary Results [by] Jean-Philippe Pialasse, Martin Simoneau, and Martin Descarreaux
106 Pediatric Mentored Case Reports [by] Katherine A. Pohlman, Sharon A. Vallone, and Lia M. Nightingale
107 A Novel Technique for Measuring Changes in Vertebral Artery Blood Flow [by] Jairus Quesnele, Judith Wells, Greg Wells, John Triano, Michael Noseworthy, and Tammy Rayner
107 Consideration of Chronic Pain in Trials to Promote Physical Activity for Diabetes: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials [by] John J. Riva, Jason W. Busse, Jessica J. Wong, David J. Brunarski, Alice H.Y. Chan, Rebecca A. Lobo, Marina Aptekman, and Anita Gupta
107 Introduction of a Class on Evidence-Based Clinical Practice in the First Trimester of a Chiropractic Curriculum: Lessons Learned From Student Evaluations [by] Robert M. Rowell and Lia M. Nightingale
108 Student Rating of the Importance of Advanced Pediatric Education in Chiropractic Institutions [by] Drew Rubin and Lisa Rubin
108 Collaborative Learning in a Chiropractic Classroom Setting [by] Lisa Rubin
108 Variability of Vertical Ground Reaction Forces in Adults With Chronic Low Back Pain, Before and After Chiropractic Care [by] Brent Russell, Mark Geil, Jianhua Wu, and Kathryn Hoiriis
109 Female Chiropractors in Ontario: Current Practice Profi les and Graduate Demographics [by] Shabnam Sadr, David Soave, Jean Moss, and Silvano Mior
109 Exploratory Analysis of Clinical Predictors of Outcomes of Nonsurgical Treatment in Patients With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis [by] Michael Schneider, Jerrilyn Cambron, Lauren Terhorst, Rachel Phillips, and Donald Murphy
109 Learning and Study Strategies Inventory Subtests and Factors as Predictors of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I Exam Performance [by] Christine Schutz, Leanne Dalton, and Rodger Tepe
110 Effects of Curriculum Change and Extracurricular Acitivities on Students’ Choice of Chiropractic Technique [by] David Sikorski, Anupama Kizhakke Veettil, and Gene Tobias
110 Basic Science Physiology Laboratory Research Projects: A Curriculum Designed to Encourage an Active Interest in Research Among Chiropractic Students [by] Edward Smith and Mark Pfefer
110 Analysis of Reported Patient Visit Frequencies and Costs From the Patient Management Program Database in Ontario, Canada [by] David Soave and Silvano Mior
111 Development of a Student-Mentored Research Program Between a Complementary and Alternative Medicine University and a Traditional, Research-Intensive University [by] Barbara M. Sullivan, Sylvia E. Furner, and Gregory Cramer
111 Outcomes From a Faculty Development Program to Enhance Evidence-Based Practice, Research Utilization, and Knowledge Translation [by] Barbara M. Sullivan, Judith D. Pocius, Jerrilyn Cambron, Christopher Wolcott, Thomas Grieve, and Gregory Cramer
112 Testing Presumptions: A Pilot Study Assessing Palpatory Effi ciency Across Levels of Experience [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Anquonette Stiles, and Jessica Quintero-Villa
112 A Single Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy on Fitts’ Law Performance in Participants With and Without Neck Pain [by] Rodger Tepe, Jonathan Emlet, Kevin Ward, and John Ellis
112 Are Expectations Related to Lumbar Pain Altering Neuromuscular Trunk Responses Associated With Experimental Pain? [by] Charles Tétreau, Jean-Daniel Dubois, Mathieu Piché, and Martin Descarreaux
113 Chiropractic Care by Interns for Athletes at a Colombian Biomedical Center: A Prospective Pilot Study [by] Kenneth Thomas, Harrison Ndetan, Ronald Rupert, Aleisha Esther Serrano-Alvira, Patricia Brandon,
and Roland Njumentoko
113 Does Neuroanatomy Software Enhance Learning of Spinal Cord Tracts in a Laboratory Setting? [by] Steven Torgerud and Stephen Duray
113 Developing an Introductory Workshop in Evidence-Based Clinical Practice for Chiropractic Field Practitioners [by] Michael Tunning, Robert Rowell, John Stites, Barbara Mansholt, Ron Boesch, Ian McLean,
and Michelle Barber
114 Method for Evaluating the Precision of Patient Positioning in Pre- and Post-Nasium X-Ray Film Pairs [by] David Vazquez and Dale Johnson
114 Reviewing the Literature and Creating an Evidence-Based Exam for the Pathoanatomic Diagnosis of Low Back Pain [by] Robert Vining, Eric Potocki, Michael Seidman, and A. Paige Morgenthal
114 Report of Harassment of a Female Intern by a Patient Within a Chiropractic Teaching Clinic: A Case Report [by] Amy Wright and Barry Wiese
115 Use of Whole Body Vibration as an Adjunct to Treatment of Nonspecifi c Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review of the Literature [by] Shari Wynd, Jean-Alexandre Boucher, and Martin Descarreaux
115 Effects of Test Stress on Chiropractic Student Physical Examination Laboratory Testing: A Pilot Study [by] Niu Zhang and Kenneth Weber

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