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Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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ID 21911
  Title Abstracts from the 13th Annual Upper Cervical Spine Conference [Marietta, Georgia,November 16-17, 1996]
Journal CRJ. 1997 ;4(1):27-34
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract
Abstract/Notes The numbers below refer to page numbers in this issue.
27 The Thermodynamics Explanation of Measuring Heat Differentials Adjacent to the Spine: Thermocouples vs. Infrared [by] Michael U. Kale
27 Specific Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care and Lung Function [by] Robert Kessinger
28 Tytron C-3000: Chiropractic Instrumentation for the Computer Generation [by] John W. Strazewski
28 Correlation of Scanning Palpation and Grostic Cervical X-rays with a Thermocouple Temperature Measuring Device [by] Kevin A. James
28 Graphical Analysis and Frequency Distribution of Dysfunctional Motion Segments in the Cervical Spine Using Digital X-ray Transfer and Database Technologies [by] Ray Wiegand
28 Is the Atlas Subluxated on the Skull?...OR...Is the Skull Subluxated on the Atlas? [by] Burl Pettibon
29 Atlas Laterality/Laterality and Rotation and the Angular Acceleration of the Head and Neck in Motor Vehicle Accident [by] Gary A. Knutson
29 Correction of Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis After Primary Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Study [by] Kirk Eriksen
29 The Torque Factor in Hand and Instrument Adjusting [by] Cecil Laney
30 This Is Where I Draw the Line: A Historical Perspective [by] Hugh L. Crowe
30 Scanning Palpation [by] Roy W. Sweat, Marilyn Lalka, and Matthew H. Sweat
30 Radiographic Analysis Considerations with Interfacing of Ponticulus Posticus on Nasium and Frontal Views [by] Hal Crowe and Brent Lindberg
30 Numerical Simulations of Head/Neck Motion Associated with Chiropractic Adjustments: Methods and Preliminary Results [by] Clifford G. Smith
31 The Role of Speed and Technique in Determining Amplitude of Vertebral Response [by] Alan B. Solinger and Charles A. Lantz
31 A Review of the Validity, Reliability, and Clinical Effectiveness of Chiropractic Methods in the Reduction of Subluxations of the Cervical Lordosis [by] Steve Troyanovich and Donald D. Harrison
32 A Report on the World Health Organization Initiative on Low Back Pain Management [by] Kathryn T. Hoiriis and Medhat Alattar
32 Reliability and Effects of Examiner Assisted Head Positioning on Cervical Range of Motion [by] Jasper Chen
32 Computerized Fixation Imaging Scans - The Upper Cervical Spine [by] Michael J. Clemen
33 Neurological Components of the Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex (UCSC): Another Look [by] Karen M. Collins
33 Rand 36 Used as an Outcome Measure in NUCCA Practice [by] Harry L. Wallace, Marshall Dickholtz, and Charles Woodfield
33 The Outcome of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Practice: A Proposed Practice-Based Research Project [by] Edward F. Owens, Jr., Bruce Pfleger, and Kathryn T. Hoiriis
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