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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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ID 21648
  Title Abstracts of ACC Conference Proceedings: Platform presentations [ACC contributed papers presented at the 2011 Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference XVIII and Research Agenda Conference XVI]
Journal J Chiropr Educ. 2011 Spring;25(1):72-104
Peer Review Yes
Publication Type Meeting Abstract

Click on the above link for the full text of the platform presentation abstracts. View the table of contents.

72 A Practice-Based Prospective Study on the Incidence and Prevalence of Adverse Events Associated With Pediatric Chiropractic Spinal Manipulative Therapy [by] Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, and Kurt Kunz
72 An International Cross-Sectional Study of Current Instructional Methodologies in Gross Anatomy Curricula in Chiropractic Colleges [by] Jennette Ball, Kristin Petrocco-Napuli, and Michael Zumpano
73 Enhancing the Use of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Methods Through Diffusion of Innovation Theory and a Train-the-Trainer Model in Chiropractic Education [by] Michelle Barber, Ron Boesch, Lia Nightingale, Michael Tunning, and John Stites
73 Interexaminer Accuracy of Seated Motion Palpation for the Identification of the Lowest Lumbar Freely Movable Segment [by] Derek Barton and Linda Mullin
73 Wiki, a Collaborative Faculty Development Tool [by] Ron Boesch and Robert Illingworth
74 Description of Patient Characteristics and Treatment Methods Utilized of Patients Undergoing Care in an Integrated Chiropractic Clinic Within a Long-Term Care Hospital [by] Cara Borggren, Jurgis Karuza, Jennifer Hightower, and Paul Dougherty
74 Assessing the Importance of Course Content and Competencies for a Course in Diagnostic Imaging Principles and Radiation Health: A Survey of Board-Certified Chiropractic Radiologists [by] Jennifer Bulger, John Taylor, and Douglas Lawson
74 Mentored Research Opportunities for Students in a Doctor of Chiropractic Program [by] Lori Byrd, Cynthia Long, Liang Zhang, Robert Cooperstein, Joel Pickar, and Charles Henderson
75 Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study [by] Jerrilyn Cambron, Manuel Duarte, Jennifer Dexheimer, and Thomas Solecki
75 Patients’ Perception of Care: Comparing Placebo and Manual Therapy Within a Pilot Study [by] Jerrilyn Cambron, Cheryl Hawk, James Jedlicka, Grant Iannelli, Jennifer Dexheimer, and Gregory Cramer
75 Effect of Chiropractic Adjustment on Pulmonary Function in Healthy Adults [by] Mabel Chang, Brett Sloan, Jerrilyn Cambron, and Muhammad Khan
75 Sonographic Evaluation of the Greater Occipital Nerve in Occipital Neuralgia [by] John Cho, Daniel Haun, and Norman Kettner
76 Interprofessionalis and Turf Wars: How Prevalent Are Hidden Attitudes? [by] Chadwick Chung, Jasmin Manga, Marion McGregor, Christos Michailidis, Demetrios Stavros, and Linda J. Woodhouse
76 Improving Targeting Accuracy in Mapping Upright Spinal Levels to the Prone Position [by] Robert Cooperstein
76 At What Angle of Hip Flexion Is the Gillet Test the Most Effective for Detecting Sacroiliac Motion? [by] Robert Cooperstein, Morgan Young, and Michael Haneline
77 Concurrent Validity of the Block Method for Measuring Anatomical Leg Length Inequality: A Literature Review [by] Robert Cooperstein and Michael Lagueux
77 Localization of Cavitations Using Accelerometry [by] Gregory Cramer, Kim Ross, Preetam Bora, P.K. Raju, Scott Selby, Jerrilyn Cambron, Adam Habeck, Jennifer Dexheimer, and Ray McKinnis
77 Relationships Among Cavitation, Z Joint Gapping, and Spinal Manipulative Therapy [by] Gregory Cramer, Kim Ross, P.K. Raju, Jerrilyn Cambron, Joe Cantu, Preetam Bora, Scott Selby, Adam Habeck, Jennifer Dexheimer, Doug Gregerson, and Ray McKinnis
78 Measurement and Analysis of a Biomechanical Outcome of Chiropractic Adjustment Performance in Chiropractic Education [by] Christina Cunliffe, Christopher Colloca, Mostafa Afifi, Marisa Pinnock, and Richard Hinrichs
78 Are Chiropractic Patients Less Likely to Get the Flu Vaccine? [by] Matthew Davis, Monica Smith, and William Weeks
78 Use of Encounter-Based Curriculum to Foster Primary Care Competencies in Chiropractic Education [by] Vincent DeBono
79 Characterizing the Toggle-Recoil Delivery of Practicing Clinicians [by] James DeVocht and Ram Gudavalli
79 Chiropractic Management for Veterans With Low Back Pain: A Retrospective Study of Clinical Outcomes [by] Andrew Dunn, Lance Formolo, and David Chicoine
79 Chiropractic Management for Veterans With Neck Pain: A Retrospective Study of Clinical Outcomes [by] Andrew Dunn, Lance Formolo, and David Chicoine
80 Muscle Fatigue and Cryotherapy-Mediated Changes in Proprioception [by] Dennis Enix
80 Notochordal Cells Protect Nucleus Pulposus Cells From Degradation and Apoptosis: Implications for the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration [by] William Mark Erwin, Diana Islam, Robert Inman, and Michael Fehlings
80 Association Between Sensory Impairment and Functional Limitations in Balance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults [by] Kimary Farrar and Debra Rose
81 Chiropractic Care of the Older Patient: A Review of the Literature Between 2001 and 2010 [by] Brian Gleberzon
81 Effect of a Lumbar Support Pillow on Muscle Activation and Comfort During a Repetitive Reaching Task [by] Diane Grondin, John J. Triano, Steven Tran, and David Soave
81 Integrating Two Complementary and Alternative Medicine Programs in an Evidence-Informed Practice Course: Lessons From the Trenches [by] Linda Hanson, Brent Leininger, Louise Delagran, Corrie Vihstadt, and Roni Evans
81 Where’s the Evidence? Mapping Evidence-Informed Practice Learning Objectives [by] Linda Hanson, Renee DeVries, Louise Delagran, and Roni Evans
82 Learning Spinal Manipulation: Comparison of Two Teaching Models [by] Marie-Pierre Harvey, Claude Dugas, Shari Wynd, and Martin Descarreaux
82 Empowering Student Learning Through Rubric-Referenced Self-Assessment [by] Xiaohua He and Anne Canty
82 Burnout, Depression, and Alcohol Use in Chiropractic Students [by] Sean Herrin and Darcy Vavrek
83 Calling All Students: Cell Phones in Chiropractic Education [by] Glori Hinck and Tom Bergmann
83 A Survey of Chiropractic Students’ Opinions About the Importance of Research [by] Chabha Hocine and Rodger Tepe
83 Effects of Manual Therapy on Balance and Falls: A Systematic Review [by] Kelly Holt, Heidi Haavik, and C. Raina Elley
84 A Biomechanical Finite Element Study of the Disc Tissues With Incompleteness and Laxity in Annular Fibers [by] Mozammil Hussain
84 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study of the Brain [by] Norman Kettner, James Sheehan, Vitaly Napadow, Yumi Maeda, Jieun Kim, Ang Li, and Joe Audette
84 Helping Uniprofessionally Trained Students to Think Integratively: An Interactive Educational Intervention [by] Lisa Killinger
85 Using Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Principles to Utilize and Enhance Student Clinical Reasoning Skills in a Classroom-Based Case Management Course: A Pilot Project [by] Nancy Kime
85 One-on-One Lifestyle Learning Methodologies: Using Interactive Tools in an Integrative Workshop Setting [by] Ron Kirk
85 Facilitating Development and Refinement of an Activity-Based Walking Module Through a Delphi Process: An Exercise in Integrative Health Empowerment and Shared Vision [by] Ron Kirk
86 A Survey of Student and Faculty Attitudes Toward Geriatric Wellness Care [by] Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, David Sikorski, and Gene Tobias
86 A Mechanoacoustic Indentor System for In Vivo Measurement of Nonlinear Elastic Properties of Soft Tissues [by] Terry Koo, Jeffrey Cohen, Lisa Papenbrock, and Yongping Zheng
86 Development of Classification and Description of Fascia Based on Literature Review: Rationale for Manual Therapists [by] Myroslava Kumka and Jason Bonar
87 Human Subject Research: Reporting Informed Consent and Ethics Approval in Three Chiropractic Journals [by] Dana Lawrence
87 Integration of Evidence-Based Practice Into the General Curriculum: Assessing Faculty Behavior [by] Ronald LeFebvre
87 Degree of Vertical Integration Between the Undergraduate Program and Clinical Internship With Respect to Cranial and Cervical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures Taught at a Chiropractic College [by] Charmody Leppington, Brian Gleberzon, Lisa Fortunato, Nicole Doucet, and Kyle Vandervalk
88 Studying the Introduction, Integration, and Effectiveness of Chiropractic Services Within the VA Health Care System: A Novel Clinical/Research Collaboration [by] Anthony Lisi and Brian Mittman
88 Use of Veterans Health Administration Chiropractic Services Among Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom Veterans [by] Anthony Lisi, Joseph Goulet, Cynthia Brandt, and Todd Kawecki
88 Spinal Manipulation for Treatment of Hypertension: A Qualitative Literature Review [by] Kevin Mangum, Darcy Vavrek, and Lester Partna
89 A Comparison of Student and Alumni Perception of Value in Chiropractic Clinical Education [by] John Markham and K. Caroline Anderson
89 Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Neuropathic Pain: A Literature Review [by] John Mayer and Scott Haldeman 89 Clinical Simulation and the Evolution of Chiropractic Education [by] Marion McGregor and Dominic Giuliano
90 Application of the Medical Imaging Resource Center Radiology Database in a Chiropractic Educational Environment [by] Ian McLean
90 Using Clinical Case Studies to Teach Biochemistry in a Chiropractic Doctoral Program: The Art of Integrating Clinical Science With Basic Science [by] Marc McRae 90 The Case for Collaborative Assessment of Students: A Meta-analysis [by] Christopher Meseke, Jamie Meseke, and Rita Nafziger
91 Low Back Pain Response to Pelvic Tilt Position: Practice-Based Research, Phase 2 [by] Salvatore Minicozzi, Brent Russell, and Kathryn Ray
91 Effects of Satisfaction of Search on Chiropractic Radiologist Performance v Christopher Morasco and John Taylor
91 Usefulness of Clinical Measures of Psychological Factors in Patients With Spinal Pain [by] Donald Murphy and Eric Hurwitz
91 For the Good of All: A Collaborative Effort to Develop and Deliver an Excellence in College Teaching Certificate Program for Chiropractic College Faculty [by] Rita Nafziger
92 Use of Sports Enhancement Supplements by Adolescents in the United States: Analysis of National Health Interview Survey 2007 Child Alternative Medicine Core Sample [by] Harrison Ndetan, Will Evans, Ronald Williams, Michael Perko, and Clark Walker
92 Integration of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Into a Basic Science Course [by] Lia Nightingale
92 Concept Mapping as a Study Tool for Chiropractic Students in a Basic Science Course v Lia Nightingale
93 Are Chiropractors Adequately Prepared to Handle the Obesity Epidemic?: A Review [by] Catherine O’Neill
93 Paraspinal Muscle Function Assessed With the Flexion–Relaxation Ratio at Baseline in a Population of Patients With Back-Related Leg Pain [by] Edward Owens, M. Ram Gudavalli, Craig Schulz, David Wilder, Maria Hondras, and Gert Bronfort
93 Alberta Chiropractors’ Opinions and Practices Regarding the Sale of Health Products [by] Stacey Page, Jaroslaw Grod, and Gord McMorland
94 Perceived Educational and Chilly Climate Among Chiropractic Undergraduates [by] Per J. Palmgren
94 Attitudes of Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Clinicians Toward the Chiropractic Treatment of Nonmusculoskeletal Conditions [by] Jodi Parkinson, Jennifer Lau, Sandeep Kalirah, and Brian Gleberzon
94 Integration and Utilization of a Chiropractor Within a Veterans’ Health Administration Pain Management Telehealth Clinic [by] David Paris and Andrew Dunn
95 Somatosensory Integration and Behavioral Measures Associated With Vibrotactile Letter Acquisition During Task-Irrelevant Median Nerve Paresthesia [by] Steven Passmore, Bernadette Murphy, and Timothy Lee
95 Use of Soft Tissue Manual Techniques by Chiropractors in the United Kingdom [by] Abigail Penson, Gabrielle Swait, and Christina Cunliffe
95 Effect of the Mechanical Characteristics (Magnitude and Duration) of a Spinal Manipulative Thrust on Lumbar Paraspinal Muscle Spindle Discharge [by] Joel Pickar, William Reed, Dong-Yuan Cao, and Gregory Kawchuk
96 Evaluation of Three Different Methods of Distance Learning for Postgraduate Radiology Education: A Pilot Study [by] Jean-Nicolas Poirier, Jeffrey Cooley, Michelle Wessely, Gary Guebert, and Kristina Petrocco-Napuli
96 Does Chiropractic Internship Prepare Students for Private Practice? A Comparison of Conditions Seen in One College to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Job Analysis of Chiropractic [by] Kevin Rose, Jesika Menasaka, and Anupama Kizhakkeveettil
96 Evidence-Based Clinical Practice in Chiropractic: Description of a Class Assignment and Survey of Student Knowledge and Attitudes v Robert Rowell and Michael Tunning
97 Prevalence of Swine Flu Among Chiropractic Pediatric Patients [by] Drew Rubin and Kurt Kunz
97 Current Status of Pediatric Education in Accredited Chiropractic Colleges: A Website Survey [by] Drew Rubin
97 Attitudes of Life Coaching in a Chiropractic University Setting [by] Lisa Rubin
97 Utilization of Dry Lab in a Chiropractic Educational Setting [by] Lisa Rubin
98 Do Chiropractic Philosophy and Chiropractic Technique Prevent Medicare Compliance? [by] David Seaman and Jonathan Soltys
98 Development of the Murdoch Chiropractic Graduate Pledge [by] J. Keith Simpson, Barrett Losco, and Kenneth J. Young
98 Usual Source of Care for Persons With and Without Back Pain (Medical Expenditures Panel Survey Data) [by] Monica Smith
99 Immunization Status of Adult Chiropractic Patients: Analyses of National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) [by] Monica Smith and Matthew Davis
99 Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture on Vertical Jump Height Enhancement [by] Brian Snyder and John Zhang
99 A Survey of Wellness Management Strategies Used by Canadian Chiropractors [by] Brynne Stainsby, Peter Kim, Jason Porr, Ashley Collinge, and Julie Hunter
100 Preparing for Teaching Moments in Evidence-Based Clinical Practice [by] John Stites and Ron Boesch
100 Developing a Clinical Practice Journal Club [by] John Stites and Dana Lawrence
100 Teaching Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Concepts Using Radiology Case Types at a Chiropractic College [by] John Stites and Ian McLean
101 Impact of Curricular Interventions on Evidence-Based Practice Skills, Attitudes, Clinical Behaviors, and Patient Care Outcomes in a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal Club [by] Barbara Myszkiewicz Sullivan, Judith Pocius, Christopher Wolcott, Jerrilyn Cambron, and Gregory Cramer
101 Impact of Chiropractic Adjustments on Pulse Oximetry: A Pilot Study [by] Stephanie Sullivan, Lawrence Hansen, Korey Revels, and James Duffy
101 Advancing Evidence-Based Practice Through an Integrated Approach to Information Literacy Instruction: Library/Faculty Collaboration at University of Western States [by] Janet Tapper
102 A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy on Fitts’ Law Performance [by] Rodger Tepe, Dean Smith, Kevin Ward, John Ellis, and Jonathan Emlet
102 Interactive Neurostimulation in Pain Management for Chronic Mechanical Neck Pain [by] John Triano, Linda Woodhouse, and Marion McGregor
102 Evidence-Based Clinical Practice: Experience of an Early Adopter Adding an Assignment in Evidence-Based Clinical Practice to a Class [by] Michael Tunning and Robert Rowell
103 Abdominal Muscle Thickness and Low Back Pain During Pregnancy: A Preliminary Study [by] Carol Ann Weis, Jennifer Nash, John Triano, and Jon Barrett
103 Medical Student Attitudes Toward Complementary and Alternative Medicine Following a Brief Clinical Rotation in a Student-Run Multidisciplinary Clinic in an Underserved Area [by] Michael Wiles and Karen Lawson
103 Chiropractic Student Motivations and Course Choices [by] Philip Yalden and Christina Cunliffe
104 Reliability of the Standing Hip Flexion Test: A Systematic Review [by] Morgan Young and Robert Cooperstein
104 A Pilot Study of the Effects of Logan Basic Technique Adjusting on Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability [by] John Zhang and Patrick Montgomery
104 Effect of Problem-Based Video Instruction on Learning in Physical Examination: An Alternative Paradigm for Chiropractic Students [by] Niu Zhang and Sudeep Chawla

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