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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Magazines & Newspapers


This page contains a list of non peer reviewed publications produced by the chiropractic profession. Some were indexed in ICL in the past and publication information still exists for them. (See ICL entries, below.) All are Open Access publications; some limits apply.

 Search the publications below using ChiroSearch, a Google Custom Search. Limit your search to Magazines & Newspapers.

Note: The ICL editors do not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the authors of the articles in the following publications.

ACA News
Publisher: American Chiropractic Association

American Chiropractor; Magazine of the Chiropractic Profession
Publisher: Chiropractic Education Organization, The American Chiropractor
ICL entry ; Past Issues

Canadian Chiropractic Research Bulletin
Publisher: Canadian Chiropractic Association

Canadian Chiropractor
Publisher: Annex Publishing & Printing Inc.
ICL entry ; Past Issues ; Search ; [Google search not functioning]

The Chiropractic Choice; ICA’s Chiropractic News Service
Publisher: International Chiropractors Association

Chiropractic Economics; dedicated to practice growth and prosperity since 1954
Publisher: Chiropractic Economics, Inc.
ICL entry ; Annual Reports;  Past Issues ; Facebook ; Twitter ; Search ; RSS feed

Chiropractic Economics Canada
Publisher: Chiropractic Economics, Inc.

The Chiropractic Report
Publisher: Chiropractic Report Inc.
Past Issues [2002- ]

Dynamic Chiropractic; the chiropactic news source
Publisher: MPA Media
Archives [1990- ] ; Search

Dynamic Chiropractic Canada
Publisher: MPA Media
Previous Issues ; Search 

Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle
Publisher: Life University
Past Issues [scroll down]
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