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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Author Searching

It is ICL policy to enter authors as they appear on the title pages of articles. Author names may often be entered in more than one form, and it may therefore require a little effort to retrieve all the publications of a particular author.

There are two ways to search for authors:

How to retrieve all the publications of a particular author:

Example:  Vernon H, Vernon HT; Green B, Green BN
For a name like Vernon,  you could simply enter this last name in the pull-down Author field. This retrieves all the Vernons, including Vernon H and Vernon HT. To retrieve articles by Vernon H OR Vernon HT, you need to select these names from the Author Index and then search them using OR.For a name like Green, entering it in the Author field will result in too many hits, and in this case, selecting from the Author Index is preferable.

If you know a  last name and first initial(s) and want to use the Author field, you must use quotation marks: “Green B” OR “Green BN”.

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